The artist I found most interesting was Daniel Hesidence. For some reason his style of work made me want to dig deeper in his work to see more. It seems that Daniel Hesidence specialize in oil on canvas artwork. What I was most attracted to was the color scheme of this piece to the left, although it has little color choices, the variation of the single color is effective.

Daniel Hesidence depicts imagination through his work. He develops themes of shapes, texture and color in an abstract idiom. His work really stands out by the bright, vibrant colors. The fact that you cannot say exactly was it is, is very effective in his art. As researching Hesidence’s work, one piece in particular I found appealing to the eye is “untitled” like all of his other work.  All his work is dated and identified by its’ inventory number.

This is my favorite piece so far. It very effective by the consistent thickness of line weight creating concave shapes. It has what appears to be a very smooth texture by the vivid, pastel colors. The movement created throughout this piece moves from left to right with a nice flow. The focal point is the light pink area, which to me looks like a brain. I think the main idea of this piece is to show the actual form of the human facial structures. To me it seems as though Hesidence wanted to represent the skull. Overall, Hesidence’s work is quite original, his style is very dominant. All of his artwork has a certain movement in them and it creates a language in his art. 

Marisa Merz – Her work appears to be oil pastels. I find
her work very interesting, though lacks variety which to me, looks undone. I
enjoy the color scheme.

Walter De Maria – I like the crispness of the pipes in
his work, but it doesn’t excite me any. Although it is interesting because it
  brings up questions, which makes the viewer want to view more but I still feel
  it’s missing something.

 Varda Caivano – I think he uses mixed media, it looks
like oil pastels but then again it looks like paint on canvas. I really enjoy
the abstract of this series of work. 

Kamikaze Loggia – I appreciate the time spent to
thoroughly plan where to bend the steel and its placement of if piece because it
does create a single image with the background at all different angles. I feel
like there could be more variety of shapes.

 Enrico David - This work seems to be yarn shaped into
  different forms and shapes. I think this is very unique because you don’t see
  this too often. It’s one thing to create 3d work with yarn but to create art
  with yarn on a flat surface is very different.
Henrik Olesen – With this artist works, I’m sure he was
  trying to make a story out of torn out words or objects, or recreate a story to
  make something new. I’m a little confused as to what’s going on in this work,
  which could be a good or bad thing. This reminds me of an kindergarten collage
  assignment, where you just cut out your favorite things and just paste
  anywhere, as kids would do.

 Sarah Lucas – This work of 3d art of metal is very
  entertaining but I think there could be better variety within each because they
  are looking the same. I guessing they wanted to depict the human body language.
James Lee Byars – These 3d gold bars doesn’t say anything
to me. I think that the shadows are more interesting than the bars itself. I
enjoy the unity of the parallel bars but I feel like they need more of something
or something added like maybe color or texture within the bars.

 Mark Manders – These sculpted clay human figures are very
  interesting. I enjoy the realist of each individual figure. In my opinion each
  figure is depicting something different about each “person”. I find the
  destructiveness very appealing in this series.

 Carol Rama – 2d painting inside of 3d sculpted frames.
This work stands out of by the creativity but I wish the painting was more
elevated to some more depth because too flat to me.

 John Bock – I can’t really figure out the meaning of his
  work. It seems like the beginning of an art piece, that’s going to have a lot
  more added. I do appreciate the fact the it seems like a plain board but you
  have to actually go inside, that’s interesting but I would expect more from the
  inside since the outside is so simple.

 Hans Josephsohn – This 3d clay forms appears to be the
  beginning stage of sculpting while it’s still wet. I think the only thing
  appealing about this work is the texture, the forms itself seem to bold and

 Danh Vo – I think the overall composition of the printed
  fabric, each drape creates a wrinkle which adds to the composition. This work
  seems to symbolize worn out or impaction, because the rips in the fabric are
  not perfectly cut.

 James Richards – This work seems to be a scratched off
  photograph or print, to create a new meaning. The first one looks like woven
  but I can’t really figure out his media used. His work is very dominant and it
  stands out because the viewer looks longer trying to figure out what it
Daniel Hesidence – The color scheme is small but I enjoy
the color choices. I believe that they are paintings on canvas. It has a lot of
  movement and texture in each piece.

 Geta Bratescu – It looks like stitching and dye on
fabric. I like how they made each step in the process a different piece. The
variation of line weight gives it texture which creates a nice

 Harun Farocki – 3d sculpture with two people touching the
  mouth. I’m that the mouth was the focal point, but I don’t think that the
  people was necessary because it takes away from the art itself.

 Helen Marten – This artist used multiple medias and
techniques. But the one that stood out the most to me was her drawings on the
clock. There’s so much detail in these small thumbnails of faces. I appreciate
the variety of techniques she uses, very unique.
Simon Denny – This series of work seems to be a little
  confusing. It looks like the artist was trying to making photographs/drawings
  of the inside of machines 3d. I don’t really know what to look at in this
  piece; the movement is too dramatic to me.

 Lynette Yiadom – It seems to be charcoal and pastels. I
  think the images created are pleasant, but I wish that there was more contrast
  in them. It seems to have a smooth, consistent texture in them.

 Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys – This film about clay
human forms is confusing to me. I enjoy the unrealistic objects as human parts.
Seems like each piece has a meaning for each character, but it seems

 Pamela Rosenkranz – I’m not really sure of the media in
this work, but im guessing paint on a blue print. Although the blue is very
dominant and bold, the composition itself is very simple, which I think works
for this particular series.

 Trisha Donnelly – I’m assuming this is 3d carved plaster.
I enjoy this thin, cleanness of the lines, but this is not so interesting at all
  to me.

 Rudolf Stingel – Not sure of this carpeted material. But
I enjoy the overall patterns created on the walls/floors. It’s very busy but
busy defiantly works for this piece. I think that it was very effective how the
  bright white canvas on the wall stands out.

 Yuksel Arslan – I really enjoy the small drawings put
  together to make composition. It seems to be mixed media, graphite, charcoal
  and paint. This piece is very complex and detailed, which gives you a lot to

 Christopher Williams – This is a series of black and
white photographs. I really think the black and white was very effective because
he clearly shows contrast between foreground, background and

 Katrin Sigurdardottir – The patterns and shapes created
in this piece is very interesting, they create a nice movement with so little
  color. It’s a very decorative 3d platform.

 LawrenceWeiner – Vinyl text on wall. I think
this is neat and simple, and I think it works for this particular piece. 
Mathias Poledna – seems to a drawn out series for a film.
I think this very creative and unique. I enjoy seeing the progression of this
  artwork through a visual aspect.

    a d r i e n n e

    Visual Arts major at
    Lander University
    with emphasis in
    Graphic Design.


    June 2013