The artist I found most interesting was Daniel Hesidence. For some reason his style of work made me want to dig deeper in his work to see more. It seems that Daniel Hesidence specialize in oil on canvas artwork. What I was most attracted to was the color scheme of this piece to the left, although it has little color choices, the variation of the single color is effective.

Daniel Hesidence depicts imagination through his work. He develops themes of shapes, texture and color in an abstract idiom. His work really stands out by the bright, vibrant colors. The fact that you cannot say exactly was it is, is very effective in his art. As researching Hesidence’s work, one piece in particular I found appealing to the eye is “untitled” like all of his other work.  All his work is dated and identified by its’ inventory number.

This is my favorite piece so far. It very effective by the consistent thickness of line weight creating concave shapes. It has what appears to be a very smooth texture by the vivid, pastel colors. The movement created throughout this piece moves from left to right with a nice flow. The focal point is the light pink area, which to me looks like a brain. I think the main idea of this piece is to show the actual form of the human facial structures. To me it seems as though Hesidence wanted to represent the skull. Overall, Hesidence’s work is quite original, his style is very dominant. All of his artwork has a certain movement in them and it creates a language in his art. 

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