Oh. My. Gosh. Today was wonderful. So relaxed and gorgeous. We woke up on time again, thank goodness! Ate breakfast which consisted of Nutella on rolls. And walked to The Accedemia to see The David! We sat and sketched at the Accedemia for an hour or so before heading out to the market. Brandy and I got some great leather goods and I practiced my bartering skills! Later we walked and met the group outside the Uffizi Gallery and enjoyed some time catching up. After visiting the Uffizi Gallery Brandy and I walked back to the hotel, and let our feet rest while talking about the trip and looking at photos for hours. We were laughing so hard at the ridiculous candid photos Sean likes to take of us, which usually involve one eye being closed or my tongue sticking out. Haha. After my feet stopped crying in pain we went to go look for notes that one of Brandy's sweet friends had left for her around the city! It sounds like something out of a movie. Hunter (Brandy's friend) sent her clues to where the notes were hidden for her to find. It was a neat idea and kind of reminded me of the "you are beautiful" installments Slagle had told us about earlier. The piazzas were too crowded to properly search for the notes so we decided to head back towards the Uffizi to get dinner overlooking the Arno river. After much walking and scoping out the best restaurant we sat down and enjoyed the breeze and Italian food. I got chicken and mozzarella which was delicious. Oh my goodness. I ate everything on my plate which, if you know me at all, rarely happens. After we got our check paid we walked back over the Ponte Vecchio and watched the sunset over the Arno river. How romantic ;) we enjoyed some gelato and met a nice couple from LA who happened to have relatives in SC. We took turns taking photos of each other and had a nice conversation! There was a wonderful little local band playing on the bridge, they played American songs that reminded me of home and made Brandy and I remember how much we love the states. On the way back from dinner and watching the sunset, we found one of Hunter's notes! It was exciting and sweet to find. Today was a good day. (Ice T reference, anyone?)

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