The Italy trip is a month away! I am excited and nervous.  Excited about the new experiences and learning opportunities, nervous about the flight and possibly getting lost in a foreign country, haha. I am directionally challenged in Columbia, SC where I have lived my entire life... It should be interesting!

I recently saw Eat, Pray, Love playing on TV and sat down to watch it, seeing as it took place (partially) in i'm really good at eating, praying and loving.
I plan on completely immersing myself in the culture and spending more money than I should on various Italian gifts and clothes!

I have been having a rough go of it lately, not knowing where i'm headed and going through some life challenges. But I have high hopes for Italy to change my views and get me back in the swing of things!
Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy." --Bertrand Russell


06/07/2013 4:59pm

AGREED! This is going to be BIG for you!!!! 24 days and counting!


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