"Kamikaze Loggia"
     Media/Technique: Architect
    Opinion: I think it is interesting how they are extending the old building in the Arsenale  and also making it into a work of art.  Not so much of creating a painting.
Enrico David 
    Media/Technique: Wool/Cloth
    Opinion: In some of his pieces there is a nice contrast. Some works I do not understand, such as the portrait of someone. His technique is something I havn't seen.
Sarah Lucas
     Media/Technique: Sculpture/Ceramics
     Opinion: Looking at the composition I feel as if the artist is focusing on intimacy or something representational. Certain areas in each piece are dominant and create a more defined
focal point.
James LeeByars
    Media/Technique: Sculpture
    Opinion: These three-dimensional pieces speak for itself.  For example, the create line of course and the engraved letters give it a certain depth.
Mark Manders
    Media/Technique: Clay/Sculpture
    Opinion: The planks that incorporated in the faces adds repetition within all of the pieces.
Carol Rama
    Media/Technique: Drawing
    Opinion: I don't really see anything interesting about this piece besides the frame itself. I don't see what the concept is of each piece.
 John Bock
    Media/Technique: Daily life
    Opinion: Does not catch my attention. Maybe the perspectives of each room can be found interesting.
Hans Josephsohn
    Media/Technique: Sculpture
    Opinion: Each piece has texture and gives contrast between the sculpture and the room that it is displayed in.
James Richards
    Media/Technique: Photography and more
    Opinion: I don't understand some of the pieces, but the technique in the eye I find effective because I gives a comic book effect to itself.
Daniel Hesidence
    Media/Technique: Oil on canvad
    Opinion: I think the cool colors and light used in these pieces are very effective.  The lines throughout the artwork create effective movement. This work is very representational and abstract.

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