Helen Marten
    Media/Technique: Sculpture
Simon Denny 
    Media/Technique: Technology/Data
    Opinion: The television has lines that create movement throughout the piece.
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
    Media/Technique: Oil on canvas
    Opinion: Even though the paintings/drawings are dark the white in their eyes create a focal point so you don't necessarily get lost. Some highlights in the pictures bring out the piece even more.
Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys
    Media/Technique: Video
Trisha Donnelly
    Media/Technique: Sculpture
Rudolf Stingel
    Media/Technique: Painting/Monographics
    Opinion: The installation has patterns that use some warm colors. There is repetition shown in the piece as well which is effective.
Yuksel Arslan
    Media/Technique: Collage
    Opinion: The details throughout the piece are interesting.
Christopher Williams
    Media/Technique: Photography
    Opinion: Black and white photography is always effective, depending on how it is done. In this piece, the photos are interesting and create depth in certain areas.
Katrin Sigurdardottir
    Media/Technique: Architect/Landscape
    Opinion: The patterns in this piece are effective, and the installation looks great as well. The forms in the floor are nicely designed.
Lawrence Weiner
    Media/Technique: Written Art
    Opinion: I think this idea is unique. Not only the colors being related to art, but showing that different languages can be shown as art as well.
Mathias Poledna
    Media/Technique: Historic Labor-intensive technique of handmade animation
    Opinion: It is interesting the way that imitation of life is portrayed through animation. The concept of this piece is effective because it relates to real life of course.


Elizabeth Snipes
06/28/2013 5:08am

What do you mean by "effective"? Effective at what? Effective at making an interesting composition? At demanding attention . . . Grabbing the attention of the viewer? Great posts!


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