We started off our day by going to the Galleria dell Accademia, which is where the statue of David awaits. I don't recall taking any pictures or if we were allowed to, but I did get some post cards of David before I left. The statue was a very good size and EVERYTHING was up close and personal. By looking at the pose of David, I believe that the artist (Michelangelo) wanted to make the statue iconic or inspirational. After viewing David, we moved to the next part of the museum, which had heads of females and males. They also had a video of why there were tiny black holes in the statues. I believe its purpose was to make sure that the statues did not crack or break in any kind of way. The other two rooms showed the catholic type art. The museum was pretty simple and to the point, but had a lot inside that impacted on people. After I went to the gift shop and bought me and my family some post cards, a new sketch book with Leonardo Da Vinci on the front, and a book on Michelangelo which is in Italian. Our next meeting spot was the Piazza Della Signoria. Here, we just waited until our next appointment. While we waited we took photos of the statues and grabbed some gelato for a quick second. From there we went to the Galleria degli Uffizi...which was a pretty...big...museum. We walked around for awhile, then we got turned around and had to go back to the other side in order to find a certain painting. We finally found the painting, Birth of Venus (1485), which was done by Sandro Botticelli. At a certain part of the museum, when you looked out the window located was the Arno River. After touring the museum, we had a free afternoon. We did some exploring and that's when we went to the tattoo shop, got a tattoo, and then later on that night it was off to our last dinner in Florence.



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