So, on my first day in Rome we visited the Colosseum.  There we so many people there to take pictures, talk, etc. This amphitheater was inaugurated in 80 AD. The word "Colosseum" (according to my research) refers to the colossal gilded bronze statue of Nero.  Next, we came along the Arco di Costantino arch, which was adjacent to the Colosseum. It commemorates Constantine's victory over Maxentius. You can always bring back postcards but there's nothing like actually being there. Next we visited Altare della Partria, which is were I took a picture with a Trojan and didn't tell me there was a charge, what the world! They got me! Later in the day my group and I saw the Campidoglio, which was not too far from the statues Romulus and Remus, which was the story about two boys who was raised by a wolf and when they got older they quarreled about where the site should, instead things went downhill and Remus killed his brother Romulus. Then came the Pantheon, inside of the building was very large and a lot of people. There was so much detail in the clothes and all over as well. The tiles in the floor was unique also.



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