Thierry De Cordier
WOW. My most favorite piece in the entire gallery to be honest with you. This entire room blew me away. It was hard enough picking one pic to somehow slightly showcase the amount of talent he has. Research says that he is not only an artist but a philosopher, performer, sculptor, writer and poet. Talk about a Jack of all Trades. The details in this series of paintings were so direct it literally made me just wonder how difficult and tedious it had to have been to create such powerful artworks. Cordier says that the grey skies and ink black seas of his monochromatic paintings evoke melancholy and are extremely dramatic. I enjoy the dramatic waves and harsh winds because it creates a powerful message for the viewer to try and understand or to even relate.

Hilma af Klint
The vivid colors of these pieces caught my interest. One thing that was similar in all of the pieces was the circle. Her abstract art were categorized in several different ways but the highly common one was supernatural. She experienced visions as a child and based on her life experiences she became interested in life after death after her sisters' passing. Sad to say but many of the most famous pieces are resulted from a personal painful encounter or witnessing one. Her works weren't released until after her death.

Sarah Lucas
Before even going away on this trip I got a little obsessed with Sarah Lucas. When I finally got exposed to her work in person, it didn't subside. I actually grew to like her even more. I didn't expect to see as much of her work as I did in the gallery. Most of her work provokes a high amount of sex appeal with both male and female. The way that everything is portrayed is pretty interesting to me. Its not offensive, doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or is geared towards a specific audiences. She uses a lot of different materials but the series that was showcased in the gallery resembled metal, bronze, etc.



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