Today we re-visted the Biennale. It is two different parts so me and a couple of other people went to the 2nd part (The Arsenale) with Team Slagle - My most FAVORITE museum from the entire trip. There was so much variety, interesting things, weird things, etc. I wish I could go back and have an even longer time to view the work instead of just a 2 hour limit. I had so many favorite installations shown below in my images. One thing I realized about a lot of the art there that touched me the most was the work shown by the artists exemplified not being afraid to step out of the box. Be different. Be weird. A lot of times being an artist it can be intimidating or a set-back to step out of the box due to fear of being judged, criticized, or ridiculed. Majority of the pieces were far from the norm to what I am used to or would expect. More than breathtaking and inspiring. Really boosted my confidence as an artist and pushed me to not be afraid to step out of the box. 
        After leaving the Arsenale, the graphic design emphasis art students went to visit a prominent graphic design corporation, Hangar Design Group. Their entire persona screamed sophistication, modern, and simplicity. They were a very versatile corporation that designed anything from interior design, wine bottles, mobile homes to make-up. We got a close up of not only their finished pieces but some of the methods they used to promote and broadcast their work, the process, and even hear some tips from personal experience from the staff. 



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