Today we left Florence and headed to Venice!! Our last stop in Italy. No more changing hotels. The fact that 50% of my trip is almost over!! I cannot believe it. We had a little extra time before leaving Florence so we shopped all morning. For some reason the last day we were in Florence, every store yes EVERY store had a big sale- maybe something similar to summer blowout sale. Well we caught a train and it took about the same amount it did from Rome to Florence. Once we caught the train to Venice we had to ride a boat to our hotel. Venice is sooo gorgeous!!! I thought I was going to be terrified because Venice is surrounded by so much water but it is not scary at all. The city itself overlooks water and the way the sun bounces from building to building against the water is amazing. When we arrived in Venice we all got split up into different hotels because the hotel couldn't hold us all. But all of our hotels were all on the same street, In fact we were all neighbors. I cannot brag enough on our room. I guess they saved the best for last but our room was so beautiful and big. The hotel is mocked after an antique theme similar to our first one in Rome but not as modern. It looked like a princess suite! I was so happy that the room we were going to be staying in the longest was in fact the best out of them all. The rest of our night was free so my friends and I decided to freshen up and roam the town, bump a nap. We ate a little restaurant for dinner and the waiter was extremely friendly and patient with us. 



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