July 7th


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First night in our lovely room was wonderful but I guess you can say were a little spoiled in the last two hotels when it came to the complementary breakfast. This one didn't have as much variety or big portions but they did treat us like royalty. It's Sunday and it doesn't even feel like it here, beginning to miss my family and friends a whole lot. Today we went to the three museums- the Piazza San Marco, Basilica San Marco,  and the world famous Venice Biennale. These museums were extremely different than the other hotels that we viewed before because they showcased contemporary art. Things that were out of the box, unexpected, unique, etc. Some of the work was interesting and some not so. We could take our cameras in so I tried to take as many pictures as possible. The Biennale has a lot of artwork that is breath-taking and will blow your mind away. Before leaving to go to Italy we were given a list of some of the artists that were showcased in the Biennale. I got the opportunity to see one of my favorite artists, Sarah Lucas, from the list in the exhibit. I didn't expect to see so MANY of her pieces in the the gallery but I got a pic of every one. Her work was so intriguing to look at- the weird twists, turns and texture her pieces exemplified made you wonder. Is this REALLY just abstract, or is it sex appeal, pain or even strength. I gained so many "what could be's" from viewing her pieces and can't wait to research her even more. The different forms colliding into such funky positions is kind of what captured me the most. Each room showcased a different artist's work or artwork that was similar. It is so much to see, we couldn't even finish in one day so we will return on the day before we leave. Getting exposed to so much INCREDIBLE artwork has left me at a stage of shock for the the past three days. Being an artist myself and observing the work we see day to day; it in fact pushes you to want to do MORE, work HARDER, be GREATER, etc. Of course some of the time frames all the artist did was art. BREATE SLEEP, EAT art or they wouldn't have been able to eat any meals. Of course, art was still their passion but it wouldn't as much of an option as it is now to create masterpieces. Now we have a life--social, work, school, etc. Art was their life, school, work, etc. My After completing  only like 30%-50% of the Biennale, we left and grabbed a bite to eat. The architecture and design of the restaurant- so astonishing, very fun, quirky and vibrant. After eating, we caught the water bus and headed back to the stop where our hotel was located. It wasn't really early so Mia and I decided to explore the nightlife of Venice. Some shops were still open and some we haven't even seen before. It was nice to just take everything in and enjoy the city-life of Venice. 



07/09/2013 9:36pm

I can't wait to hear all about the city life in Venice! I bet it was amazing!


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