Yesterday was the big day! ITALYYY!!! *exaggerated screaming* It was my very first flight and I was scared to death. I have never flown on a plane before, nevertheless out of the country!! The amount of excitement I have is indescribable. Well we caught our flight to Rome yesterday at around 6:00 pm from Charlotte. Boarding the plane, checking luggage.. all of this was just nothing but constant anticipation. As far as the flight it was 8 HOURSS NON -STOP. I was excited at first, the plane had individual televisions per seat and we were all seated together as one big group.When we took off I was so nervous I must have been chewing like 4 pieces of gum; it was a lil shaky at first but the entire flight was smooth sailing. However, I didn't get to sit by a window to enjoy the amazing view. Sleep of course was uncomfortable but I didn't really mind at the moment. I made it work nevertheless. When we finally arrived (July 2nd), it was like lunchtime here in Rome but 2 am in SC . The minute we got here I thought about my family and how thankful I am for them making it possible for me to take part in such a great opportunity!  After we got here it was nothing but constant running around. No time to sleep. Rome is breathtaking, it's so beautiful--the atmosphere, the city, everything. I took as many pictures as I could.  We checked into the hotel- it is beautiful. It has an old-fashioned, modern look. Well no time to nap-we freshened up, and boarded on the train to head to our first amazing site. The Colloseum. Before boarding the train, me and some friends ate a small little restaurant that was near the hotel. We ordered pizza, I forgot the name of the pizza I had but it was something new. I have pics-- a lil on the dry side but who has time to complain? I'm in Rome, Italy! How many people can say that? Being in the presence of such powerful and extraordinary architecture is really a moving experience especially being an artist myself. Learning about these things is one thing but actually being able to physically touch and see it in person is an entire different level of experience. Lots and lots of walking continued the rest of the day...miles i will say HAHA. We viewed the Arch of Constantine,  Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, the church of San Luigi dei Francesi to view Caravaggio’s famous St. Matthew painting series, the Pantheon, and finally the Bernini's Fountain of 4 Rivers. I FINALLY HAD GELATO!! The most amazing ice cream in the world- Ben & Jerry, PET or Bryers has nothing on this. I will be getting some more before I return to the US. KA'SIA I'M SO SORRY I didn't get a picture haha, I know you would have LOVED it.  I really hope these pictures can do justice of these memorable experiences I have captured but I sincerely doubt they will. After an EXTREMELY busy first day in Rome of trains buses and LOTS of walking, we had the rest of the night to do as we please. Most people headed to the hotel to call it a night but I don't want to ever forget this experience so SLEEP can come later. Rome here I come! Some of my friends and I went to a lili restaurant and ordered some Chinese food (I know typical right?) but it was really good..and different. Afterwards we walked some of the strips just viewing nightlife in Italy and went to a bar. Really fun! I'm overwhelmed with excitement for tomorrow, I had so much fun on my first day & night in Italy. I can imagine what the rest of these days have in store. Well I have to call it a night it is currently 1:50 am over here and I have an even busier day tomorrow starting at 8 am. I have to upload more pics later. For some reason the uploading pics process is taking so long, maybe because I have so many. I will upload them ASAP and when I have free time! Love you all! 



James Davis
07/02/2013 6:04pm

This is awesome, sis! We're so happy for you and are glad you made it safely. You have the right idea; take in as much as you can during your free time. Experience the life there...and stop eating Chinese food! Italy has a lot of good, different dishes to try. Get Chinese when you get back! lol

Anitra Washington
07/02/2013 6:30pm

Glad to see that you made it safely. Enjoy the wonderful experience of a lifetime. Zyaire said to remember to take a picture of the Tower of Pisa if you see it. We love you!!!

07/02/2013 7:22pm

A great first day indeed... so glad we are all together over here. Keep up the good blogging. What was your favorite work of art today? Why?


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