July 10 I cannot believe it is the LAST DAY...there is still so much to do, so much to see!!! But no worries my friends, I will be back. Italy now has a special place in my heart and I will forever get the urge to be there and my thoughts will now be consumed with memories of this trip. My friends who studied abroad in Italy told me this would happen....they warned me. Anyone who has been to Italy, longs to be in Italy forever and ever. Ahh such a pity party I will throw for myself. 

Anywhoooo, for the last day in Venice it was all about the art! Anne and I got a little lost on our way to find the Arsenale Biennale site but ended up taking a few scenic routes around the streets of Venice. After having a little photo shoot in the streets, we finally found the Arsenale and saw some veryyy interesting works. Now....I don't want to sound like a hater...but there was a lot of artwork at the Arsenale that just seemed to be a nightmare. And by nightmare, I don't necessarily mean "bad"...I mean its scared me (and Anne). 

Despite some of the scary artwork, there were some very, very cool installations and paintings I came across. The paintings I photographed were just bursting with color, movement, rhythm and pattern. They all looked absolutely stunning against the stark white walls of the exhibit. 
After the Biennale, it was on to visit the Hangar Design Group in Venice!! This was a super exciting and nerdy excursion for all of the graphic design majors. After watching Professor Slagle sprint around the bus station to get our tickets and get us on the bus on time, we finally made it to our bus stop, where the bus driver told Slagle that we needed to walk down the road to find the Hangar Design Group building. Well folks, we walked all the way down the road, only to turn around and walk all the way back to the Hangar Building...right in front of our bus stop. Needless to say we got a little graphic design PT that afternoon. But it was a workout well worth it! The Hangar Design Group kindly provided us with water and air conditioning as we walked in the door and gave us a fantastic inside look at their firm. It was AMAZING to see just how broad their design market is. They showed us all kinds of designs from wine bottle logos to interior design to commercial design and beyond! It was so inspirational to see such kind and talented people. Before we left, they gave all of us a packet of three Hangar Design Group sketchbooks and Professor Slagle received what they called their "bible". Overall, it was a very welcoming and inspiring experience!

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