July 2 Where to start....first off, I have learned that I DO NOT sleep on planes (I promise this ties in with my chaos topic) Ok. I'm done with that vent. So when we arrived in Rome and adrenaline kicked in from the excitement of entering this new city AND new country, I was overwhelmed by all of the beautiful architecture. The colesseum was just like looking at a postcard. So unbelievably historic and perfect. Seeing all of the ornate sculptures and architectural details on day 1 definitely put into perspective just how much patience and hands on work was put into these gorgeous peices of the city. The fact that they are so well preserved and still even standing just shows how exceeding craftsmanship can make a peice last seemily forever, therefore making an impression on many more generations.

THE PANTEON. Seeing it in person and seeing it on the computer screen are two COMPLETELY different experiences. I was overwhelmed by how detailed and unique every architectural detail was in the Panteon. There was so much to look at that I would have needed a lot of time to really be able to take it all in. I can only imagine how long a critique would last if there were a class in the middle of the pantheon. FOREVER...that's how long.

In the grand scheme of things, Day 1 of Rome was super chaotic but the reflection of Day 1 was so sweet (and I don't mean because of the fantastic gelato Anne and I had in the Piazza Navona). Having the privelage to see all of this astounding works of art really does put artwork (emphasis on the work) into perspective.

Lesson learned: Great craftsmanship. Great results.



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