July 4 I have been struggling with this wifi...FINALLY got my second day blog to upload. Halle-freakin-lujah! So on with the Day 3 blog...

A trip to the Trevi fountain this morning was definitely the perfect way to end our visit in Rome. It was just as beaultiful as I imagined it to be and so amazing how grand it is! Finally got in tourist mode and picked up an assortment if great souvenirs. And I bought a fedora. FAVORITE PURCHASE OF THE DAY. I felt way more Italian when I was walking around the city with my hat on.

Also realized today that it is definitely time to put up my pick pocket defense!! Poor poor Anne...Anne, my sweet and innocent roommate, got her phone stolen. So needless to say, if we weren't already attached at the hip on this trip anyway, we most DEFINITELY are now!

Then onto a fresh start, we were off to Florence!! The train ride was just lovely. Looking out at the sunflowers and vineyards we passed through the countryside was a perfect photo opportunity. And then before I knew it, we were in Florence!! Wahoo! LOVE IT. This girl (me) unfortunately wouldn't have lasted very long in the big city of Rome so I absolutely LOVE how quaint Florence is! And once again, more stunning architecture. The Duomo literally took my breath away when we walked up to it for the first time. Seeing the baptistery (with its amazing ceiling!) was a good teaser for us getting to see the Duomo. I cannot wait to climb to the top of that thing!! Seriously...livin' the dream.

And to end the day, I got to meet up with my good friend Jenny from back home, who is also doing a study abroad program here in Florence! Anne, her and I had a FANTASTIC dinner with wine at the Trattoria ZaZa <<< definitely recommend it!!



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