July 6 Sleeeeeep. Anne and I had a leisurely morning after we caught up on some MUCH NEEDED sleep and then settled in at a restaurant downstairs by the hotel for a little bruschetta brunch. All packed up and ready for Venice, we headed back to the train station to embark on our next Italy adventure. On the train ride, Anne and I sat next to the kindest mother and daughter from New Zealand. I could just listen to their accent all day long!! But to top it off, they were just so nice and friendly. The scenery from the train window was just beautiful. I love getting to see the countryside and vineyards of Italy. 

And at last, both our group and our New Zealand friends managed to get off at the wrong stop at the train station soooo shortly after we all realized our mistake, we got right back on another train and FINALLY made it to the beautiful Venezia!! For me, just the air felt totally different in Venice. It was refreshing to see all the colorful buildings and turquoise canals. 

I had a hard time telling whether our little bed and breakfast hotel was charming or creepy....the lobby was freakin' adorable. I loved the beams and fresh flowers that appeared everywhere in the hotel. HOWEVER, once Anne and I dragged our luggage up to what felt like the top of Mt. Everest, we discovered our converted attic bedroom haha. I found it to be pretty humorous and cute at first, but then as the night arrived and I laid awaken by the creeks and shifts, it wasn't so cute anymore. Now ask me about Bennell and Mia's room right next door...??? PRINCESS SUITE. Ridiculous. They had not one, but TWO sitting areas and enough room to have a small party in there. Needless to say, Anne and I had company over frequently in our room and it became far more comforting. 

Charming Bed and Breakfast...

Not so charming Cinderella attic...

After settling in, Ashanta, Anne, Emily and I set off to find a delicious place for dinner! And WE SUCCEEDED. We ended up finding a unique Jazz Bar/Restaurant not too far from our hotel that had both seafood and pasta. There were bras hanging all over the ceiling, so naturally, we asked our waiter if you got something for free for hanging your bra from the ceiling, to which she responded that it was just a tradition... I ordered the Linguini with Prawns and Rocket Salad and it certainly satisfied. Delicious. And then to top the dinner off, we got free shots of Limoncello...they know how to get a good tip in Venice ;)

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