July 9 Woke up bright n' early to take a train ride to Padua, where we got to walk through the Scrovegni Chapel. Although we weren't allowed to stay in the chapel for very long, there was a lot to be taken in. The chapel was covered from wall to wall and even to ceiling with frescos painted by Giotto so long ago. If you didn't look around the every minute you were in there, you probably missed something. I swear every time I turned around, I would notice a person or a scene that I hadn't even noticed the first time I looked! 

Every now and then on this trip, after seeing artwork like Giotto's, I get hit with the thought of mind-blowing it is that these paintings and sculptures have last this long!! I'm mean...it's crazy to think about. And these aren't just any paintings or sculptures or structures...they are all extremely ornate and detailed. The artwork in this chapel has been seen by so many generations of people and had an effect on all of them. The effectiveness of these paintings is a result of the great craftsmanship and diligence. Time well spent is time well earned. 
After roaming around Venice some more, it was time for a gondola ride! You just CANNOT go to Venice without having taken a gondola ride. So we got a group and set out for a gondola ride at sunset. The weather was beautiful and the waters were calm. I will say that I was a little uneasy to get into the gondola before everybody balanced out the boat. After though, it was smooooth sailing :) It was a wonderful evening with some wonderful people. 

The Crew & The View

Lindsay Soto
7/16/2013 08:27:52 am

These are great pictures brandy!!! Please email me them whenever you get the chance!! It's linds1229@yahoo.com

Brandy Cessarich
8/12/2013 07:33:48 am

Thanks!! I emailed them to you today!


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