Doing research previously to the Biennale had me very excited to see this exhibit.  In the Austrian Pavilion, Mathias Poledna's short film Imitation of Life on display, along with several of her sketches(of 5000!).  This one stuck out to me as a great short film, knowing all of the work that goes into each and every frame.  The figures and background are very well rendered, and it is like something out of a traditional Disney movie(and has Disney footprints all over it) which is why I like it so much.  The orchestra and music are just as much a part of the short film as the paintings and sketches, and its the total package that makes it a must see at the Biennale.
"Among the most pronounced features of the film is the extreme contrast between the conciseness of its scene, and the extraordinary amount of labor that went into its creation: more than 5,000 handmade sketches, layouts, animation drawings, watercolored backgrounds and ink-rendered animation cells, produced in close cooperation with acclaimed artists from the animation departments of film studios in Los Angeles, most notably Disney. The soundtrack, another key element of the production, was recorded with a full orchestra in the style of the period at the Warner Brothers scoring stage in Los Angeles."
-Contemporary Art Daily

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