Prompt: Write 1-3 sentences about each of these artists:

1) Marisa Merz
Painting, Drawing and Multimedia installation
Women’s faces are a prominent aspect of many of her pieces of art.  The deep rich colors in some are contrasted with the economical use of line in others bring the entirety of the

2) Walter De Maria
The perfect spacing and diagonal leading lines lead the eye around the composition, making the viewer actively engage the piece.  The bronze rods also reflect the light from above and from the windows but the placement on the ground causes no shadows. I find this composition simplistic, but interesting because every angle shows a different composition of the piece.

3) Varda Caivano
The brushstrokes in all of the pieces appear to give the collection harmony, and while they all have the similar technique, they all evoke different feelings.  The colorful painting contrasts to the much darker painting in an appealing way, and each one seems to have a darker match.

4) “Kamikaze Loggia”
The intention of the architecture is to show the response to the “lawless” times of the Soviet Union.  Without knowing the back story, my first impression is that it is a reconstruction of a shanty town type structure, with the bare wood and metal roofing. While I understand that the point is to juxtapose the new vernacular room extensions with the modernist buildings underneath, I do not find this to be appealing to the eye. I do believe that is the point though, to make a statement that it is not appealing to the eye, and that the inhabitants will not conform to the rules of the nation.

5) Enrico David
Mixed Media
The textures in the hanging work are very interesting.  My first instinct is to look at it closer. While the pieces on the walls are bright and full of color, they are contrasted with the fairly monotone sculptures in the middle of the room. The sense of balance in the arrangement is appealing. The pieces hanging steal the show for me, and make me want to spend more time with them, and not the sculptures in the center.

6) Henrik Oleson
Mixed Media
Strange. That is the first thing that comes to mind when viewing the photos of his exhibit. The “found object” portion of his exhibit is supposed to be a self-portrait? The cardboard box? I would love to just sit down and have a conversation with this artist and pick his brain. While much of viewing artwork is about the viewer’s connection and personal experiences, and I cannot find any connection with the visual cues I am given to give to be able to even form an opinion on this, good or bad.

7) Sarah Lucas
The metal used in the sculpture is polished to be very reflective. My brain wants to connect these to shiny balloon people. I find the material very interesting, and the arrangements of the sculptures appear to lead the viewer around to view each sculpture individually.  I am not sure what the artist is trying to communicate.

8) James Lee Byars
This appears to be two gold blocks with Q. R. and I. P. carved into them.  My first interpretation is that is has something to do with the twin towers. But after further reading, it appears that There were originally 4 statues?  “Each of these four columns has two letters carved into it at the top: "O.Q.," "I.P.," "Q.D.," and "I.Q," and is intended to correspond to a specific philosophical idea as its incarnated image: "The Figure of the One Question" (O.Q.), "The Figure of Interrogative Philosophy" (I.P), "The Figure of the Question of Death" (Q.D.) and "The Figure of the First Question" (I.Q.)”  I just wonder if the other two are not a part of this exhibition? Which could be a statement the artist is making? I am left with more questions than answers after researching this artwork, and think my original interpretation would have made more sense.

9) Mark Manders
First impressions: There is a lot to take in with this exhibit from the photos taken. The sculpture  is an important part of this exhibit. With further research the article attached to his site states “Manders’ use of materials, in which nothing is what it seems (epoxy looks like clay, clay becomes bronze and bronze seems to be wood).” After reading this I want to take a closer look, and examine each piece individually.  Also his use of the sheer cloth/sheet allows the dark artwork show through, drawing the viewer in.  The white interior also helps to reflect the light allowing all of the pieces be seen and highlight each piece within the whole.

10) Carol Rama
Sexually aggressive themes.  Definitely not wall art.  I believe that Rama is making a point about feminism with the majority of the images having vaginas or penises and in sexually explicit positions.  Not really my cup of tea.

11) John Bock
The title House of Maggot explains the entire theme of the work. There is one single maggot within an entire housing shelter with only a small opening for a door. The single light with the maggot jar attached is interesting.  The entire experience of entering the small building to view the single maggot says a lot about the entire viewing experience.

12) Hans Josephsohn
His sculptures remind me of ancient ruins. Very organic in shape and appear to be deteriorated from being out in the elements for thousands of years.  The overall organic appeal of these pieces lends itself to the color and techniques.  The vague shapes of faces can be made out on some pieces, but not on others.

13) Danh Vo
Mixed Media, Sculpture
There is something about Vo’s work that feels familiar, even though I have never seen it before.  The pillars allow an interaction with the work and the cloth is the main focus.  The cloth appears to have shadows, perhaps to show what once was? The wood on the floor has a feeling that something is unfinished.

14) James Richards
Photography and Video
The black and white video has a good contrast of light and dark, and very interesting textures.  Also his use of sounds in the video gives an experience much different from all of the previous Artists I have researched.  I would love to experience this in person, because from the photo, it appears that the photos are on a screen, and that there are speakers to produce the sound.

15) Daniel Hesidence
The use of color is very monochromatic, and is very effective. The white interacts with each piece differently, yet they are all still cohesive. If I saw each of these pieces in a separate gallery, I would know they are from the same artist.

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