Prompt: Write 1-3 sentences about each of these artists:

16) Geta Bratescu
Mixed Media
The very first photo is very vibrant, and looking at all of the other pieces, has the same structure to its design.  Each piece has the same familiar shapes, but used in a different way.  I think the materials used are very interesting, as they appear to be sewn to the canvas.  I think that all of the pieces are cohesive, and they all lead to the main focal point, which is the vibrant colorful piece.

17) Harun Farocki
The beginning of the video shows people touching the wall of the Vietnam Veteran wall.  The video is of people touching historic pieces in time, and the very end shows people on a 4-lane highway stopping to show respect on Rosh Hashanah. While the entirety of the video is 47 minutes long, I would have a hard time standing around to watch it.  Perhaps the video plays on loop, and part of the viewing experience is which piece of the video you catch? 

18) Helen Marten
There are many pieces in this artists exhibit, and I can’t tell which ones are physical parts of the exhibit or photographs.  The use of the screen on the entirety of the wall opposite of the physical exhibit causes a directional shift for the viewer, which can direct the attention to the photos on the wall instead of the interesting sculptures built on the opposite wall or on the floor. To me all of the photos on the Contemporary Art Today website is very overloaded and I prefer economy.

19) Simon Denny
I think that these sculptures are very creative. The juxtaposition of the inside on the outside and the outside on the inside is interesting, and makes me want to view it closer.  One view is all closed doors, and the opposite view is open and showing all of the wiring. But when you cross the middle, you see a very organized arrangement of TVs, or from the opposite side of that melted TVs. There is so much going on, but you have to view it in the round in order to appreciate it fully. The use of negative space in between the walls is creative, especially having a 3 dimensional photograph on a flat surface.

20) Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
The overall color scheme is very dark, with only small highlights to bring attention to the focal point.  Economy of line is sort of overpowered by the darkness of the entire composition, but the two work together harmoniously to create a cohesive collection.

21) Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys
The monotonous voice in another language throws me off. It is as if the red head that is on the screen the majority of the time is telling stories. I did not really want to watch the whole thing because it does not keep my interest.

22) Pamela Rosenkranz
Video/Mixed Media
Watching the video I get the impression that I will be painting as part of the art.  The video is an entire warning about protecting yourself from the chemicals in paint on repeat for an hour. It also mentions the dangers of smoking.  The voice sounds mechanical and like a recording. The sounds would not really interest me in walking closer to the art on the wall because there is no connection.

23) Trisha Donnell
The sculptural block in the middle of the room has  carvings on one side and not the other which could be commenting on the unfinished artwork of many artists. The space in the room is taken up by pieces that look to hold other sculptures. It reminds me of an art storage space.  I believe that the artist is also making a commentary on all of the art that is in storage and is not being seen by the world.

24) Rudolf Stingel
The entire space is covered from floor to ceiling with oriental rugs. I find this fascinating as it closes off the room and makes them appear smaller than they are.  The designs on all of the surfaces are very symmetrical.  The actual artwork on display is almost hidden within the busy designs.

25) Yüksel Arslan
Painting/Drawing/Mixed Media
Many of his designs use faces or elements of the body. There are many phallic elements as well.  A few of the pieces look like a drawn collage, such as the man with a beard. The man’s beard is made up of naked people.  The arrangement of the work is asymmetrical which is in line with the artists aesthetic.  

26) Christopher Williams
The majority of his work is in black and white. All of them are also plants except for one, which is an Elle magazine cover. While the majority of his collection is cohesive, the one outlier does not fit.

27) Katrín Sigurdardóttir
This baroque style sculpture is interesting in its design because the artist moves it around, yet keeps the footprint and cut out memory of all of the previous sites. In this case it has 2 staircases for visitor access  but I believe that the most beautiful view is from above. The tile design has lines that lead you throughout the composition, and it looks to be a traditional baroque marble floor.

28) Lawrence Weiner
Written Art
The Grace of a Gesture is presented on the ground floor of the Piazza Bembo, and as an extension will be on the side of 10 vaporettos in 10 different languages.  I think that it would be very interesting to see on the side of the vaporettos, which would make a huge gesture, and define what the title of the exhibition is.

29) Mathias Poledna
Color Film
Knowing the technique used to create this short film, allows the viewer to connect to the artwork.  5000 handmade sketches, layouts, animation drawings, watercolor backgrounds, and ink-rendered animation cells are only a small part of what was used to create the film.  I would really like to see this in person, knowing the back story and all of the work put into this one three minute piece.

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