Picturephoto from www.designboom.com
The Korean Pavilion was again one of my favorites.  While the overall layout was minimalist, you are surrounded by mirrors and reflection of the sun coming through holographic windows, which surrounds you with color.  From the beginning of taking your shoes off at the door to walking into the mirror and colorful light filled room, this exhibit is a experience only being there can provide.  This sensory experience is further heightened by the anechoic chamber, a blackout room where you hear no sounds except your own breathing. The idea of going from colors, light and sound to complete darkness creates awareness of the senses in a way that I never thought possible.  When leaving you become aware of every move you make and appreciate all of the sights and sounds you experience every day.

"'to breathe: bottari' celebrates the dual existence of sound and soundlessness and the reality of darkness as an extension of light and light as a part of darkness. questioning the hierarchy of visual knowledge over the ‘unseen’, in the breathing bottari opposite poles are treated as part of the same whole. the artist wishes to invite the audiences to contemplate a special moment and sensation of their body experiencing an awareness of the conditions of human knowledge and ignorance and its psychology in space and time."

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