Of all of the exhibits at the Biennale, this one puzzled me the most.  I can not grasp the concept of it, or even begin to understand what is happening. The photos I have of the videos are a pretty decent representation of the work, because there is no connection to anything in what they are saying. They speak very fast in strange high pitch sounds.  I sat watching these videos for 20 minutes, and the only thing I could understand(because they blatantly said it in one scene I just so happened to watch) was that they were aliens studying the party culture of America in the past, so they are clearly aliens from the future.  The whole of the video just made no sense.  The presentation at the Biennale for the video, where you watched the films, semi reflected the scenes in the films, for example, one had sleeping bags in the floor, another was just steps to sit on. Overall I was not impressed with this piece, because I think it is too abstract for me, and just made no sense whatsoever.  Even further researching the artist, all of his work is like this, and the format, sounds, and imagery don't appeal to me in the slightest.

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