I really loved these pieces they were all done by the same artist. The vibrant colors really bring out a beautiful aesthetic to this piece. There is a lot of movement throughout each piece that are down strategically with different line weights. I was so interested in these pieces that I noted the different materials used including Gesso, Acrilico, Tessuto,  actylic charioteer which were some materials I had never heard of and had to look them up! I love learning about different materials and what they can do ,so i found this collection of pieces to be inspirational for me to expand on more materials.


These pieces were extremely unique all done by the same artist. The different compositions and the use of realism versus abstract is what really makes these pieces stand out. I enjoy looking at all of the different things happening and trying to form some kind of thought as to where the artist was going with the pieces. The artist seems to use body parts to create all of the compositions and in my opinion I felt that it was a statement on people being sucked into a superficial world. The reason I believe this is because I read in every piece a "scream for help" in the way that the different body parts are arranged on the paper. I pulled inspiration from this, not so much in how it was done, but the thought process of using realism to create an abstract piece. I felt that the composition and design was so interesting in itself.
I really liked where the artist went with this sculptural piece. The design is completely geometric, the structure and the wires woven in all create multiple shapes which keep your eye flowing through the piece. I also find it enjoyable that you can see through the piece, because as a viewer it draws me in because it creates more to look at.
This piece is not your ordinary "pretty" piece and that is why I like it! I think that in society outside of the art world, people, are ordinarily drawn to what looks very realistic rather than creativity. I, on the other hand look for the creativity in art for example someone could paint a picture that looks so real, but if that's all that is interesting about the piece than I start to loose interest. That is why I really enjoyed this piece because yes, it is a strange looking piece, but when you start to observe it more you see all of the textures created with the collaged on items, the hints of colors splashed in different areas to keep your eyes flowing and the wonderful organic shapes that also make it aesthetically pleasing and I love it!
I am so intrigued by all of the wonderful rugged textures within this piece. This is another piece that isn't exactly "pretty" but it has a lot of creativity to it. It has sort of a old look to it, as if it was  dated back years ago. I also think the textures compliment the rough old look this piece has to it. This piece looks like it took a lot of  time.
On the second day, unfortunately I forgot my camera to take pictures so I drew little thumbnail sketches to reference.  I tried to get the sketches as close to the real thing by adding my own touch.
I really enjoyed this piece. I have never thought to use cloth and fabrics as a foundation for a piece of art and I wanted to experiment with that after seeing this piece.
This piece was a cloth with different stiches and paint splotches. I wrote that it had a lot of complementary colors and interesting patterns withing the stitchings which created a nice texture.
This piece was HUGE and so wonderful. If it had been smaller I don't think it would have been as effective. This piece inspired me to make HUGE art because it can push a piece even further.
This was an enormous wall of mosaics positioned in different ways. I wrote that it made different patterns, shapes and colors that were magnificent as a whole, and that there was a lot more to look at when you got up close.
This piece made me put thought into what the artist was trying to convey and I came up with maybe the man in the photo is feeling trapped in a gender roll society, because his hands are up and it is not socially acceptable for men to wear pink. In my art I like to have the viewer make an assumption of my intention and this piece gave me more to think about with that.
This was a painting of a man in different shades of reds and pinks. it was and interesting compostion and use of good use of monochromatic colorscheme.
These forms were really interesting and made me think in a sculptural design it can be really nice to take the form of something light, like balloons, and make them out of heavy material. it creates an interesting concept for me to think about in designing sculptures and I think it was quite clever.
Balloon-like forms that were made out of bronze or metal with gold coating. It had a lot of interesting wrinkles and folds and also it had a reflection form the gold coating which added more to the piece.
The fact that this Artist did the entire painting with her hands while also having a handicap of being blind was so inspirational. It made me think about trying to incorporate blind contours more often in my pieces of art because it loosens you up.
This was a video of a blind woman doing a painting, so I decided to just doodle in my sketch book while not looking
Overall the biennale gave me a lot of good ideas, tools, and inspiration to help me expand as an artist and I was happy to have been able to experience it!!

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