I really loved these pieces they were all done by the same artist. The vibrant colors really bring out a beautiful aesthetic to this piece. There is a lot of movement throughout each piece that are down strategically with different line weights. I was so interested in these pieces that I noted the different materials used including Gesso, Acrilico, Tessuto,  actylic charioteer which were some materials I had never heard of and had to look them up! I love learning about different materials and what they can do ,so i found this collection of pieces to be inspirational for me to expand on more materials.


These pieces were extremely unique all done by the same artist. The different compositions and the use of realism versus abstract is what really makes these pieces stand out. I enjoy looking at all of the different things happening and trying to form some kind of thought as to where the artist was going with the pieces. The artist seems to use body parts to create all of the compositions and in my opinion I felt that it was a statement on people being sucked into a superficial world. The reason I believe this is because I read in every piece a "scream for help" in the way that the different body parts are arranged on the paper. I pulled inspiration from this, not so much in how it was done, but the thought process of using realism to create an abstract piece. I felt that the composition and design was so interesting in itself.
I really liked where the artist went with this sculptural piece. The design is completely geometric, the structure and the wires woven in all create multiple shapes which keep your eye flowing through the piece. I also find it enjoyable that you can see through the piece, because as a viewer it draws me in because it creates more to look at.
This piece is not your ordinary "pretty" piece and that is why I like it! I think that in society outside of the art world, people, are ordinarily drawn to what looks very realistic rather than creativity. I, on the other hand look for the creativity in art for example someone could paint a picture that looks so real, but if that's all that is interesting about the piece than I start to loose interest. That is why I really enjoyed this piece because yes, it is a strange looking piece, but when you start to observe it more you see all of the textures created with the collaged on items, the hints of colors splashed in different areas to keep your eyes flowing and the wonderful organic shapes that also make it aesthetically pleasing and I love it!
I am so intrigued by all of the wonderful rugged textures within this piece. This is another piece that isn't exactly "pretty" but it has a lot of creativity to it. It has sort of a old look to it, as if it was  dated back years ago. I also think the textures compliment the rough old look this piece has to it. This piece looks like it took a lot of  time.
On the second day, unfortunately I forgot my camera to take pictures so I drew little thumbnail sketches to reference.  I tried to get the sketches as close to the real thing by adding my own touch.
I really enjoyed this piece. I have never thought to use cloth and fabrics as a foundation for a piece of art and I wanted to experiment with that after seeing this piece.
This piece was a cloth with different stiches and paint splotches. I wrote that it had a lot of complementary colors and interesting patterns withing the stitchings which created a nice texture.
This piece was HUGE and so wonderful. If it had been smaller I don't think it would have been as effective. This piece inspired me to make HUGE art because it can push a piece even further.
This was an enormous wall of mosaics positioned in different ways. I wrote that it made different patterns, shapes and colors that were magnificent as a whole, and that there was a lot more to look at when you got up close.
This piece made me put thought into what the artist was trying to convey and I came up with maybe the man in the photo is feeling trapped in a gender roll society, because his hands are up and it is not socially acceptable for men to wear pink. In my art I like to have the viewer make an assumption of my intention and this piece gave me more to think about with that.
This was a painting of a man in different shades of reds and pinks. it was and interesting compostion and use of good use of monochromatic colorscheme.
These forms were really interesting and made me think in a sculptural design it can be really nice to take the form of something light, like balloons, and make them out of heavy material. it creates an interesting concept for me to think about in designing sculptures and I think it was quite clever.
Balloon-like forms that were made out of bronze or metal with gold coating. It had a lot of interesting wrinkles and folds and also it had a reflection form the gold coating which added more to the piece.
The fact that this Artist did the entire painting with her hands while also having a handicap of being blind was so inspirational. It made me think about trying to incorporate blind contours more often in my pieces of art because it loosens you up.
This was a video of a blind woman doing a painting, so I decided to just doodle in my sketch book while not looking
Overall the biennale gave me a lot of good ideas, tools, and inspiration to help me expand as an artist and I was happy to have been able to experience it!!
Venice  was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen... from the beautiful blue water surrounding the city to the artwork. The artwork was just a different story in itself. Everything was so unique and different than I have ever seen!! I noticed a lot of realism VS. abstract and mixed media which is right up my alley...my style of art. I especially liked the Peggy Gugenheim museum, which had all kinds of interesting pieces of art but each room of art seemed to have a different style. But the highlight of the trip was definitely the Biennale!! Words cannot describe the creativity and amount of work put into the art.. that place really did blow my mind!! I have visited a couple galleries around SC this summer and nothing compared to the stuff that was in the Biennale. Just by going to the Biennale I feel that it gave me a whole new perspective on what you can things more than I could have ever imagined. I can definitely say I got a lot of great ideas and inspiration!!!!!
Some favorites from the Peggy Gugenheim Museum
This reminded me of a Salvador Dali, which is one of my favorite artist!!!
I thought this piece had excellent depth to it.. I've never seen anything quite like this before
I LOVED this, it reminded me a lot of my own style.
Me sketching outside of the gugenhiem museum with a beautiful view!!
Just SOME of my favorites from the Biennale...much more to come on my Biennale analysis
This was so funny to me because I didn't even notice all of that was body parts until I started looking closer and I just kept seeing more and more details in the drawing. I had to look at this piece more than once because it was so cool!
I can't get over how cool this is I tried to figure out what the artist used then I had to give up and read the name tag. It is just incredible!!
Just thought the contrats between real shinny metal to fabric material. Pretty Cool!
This may sound weird, but this door was outside of the biennale, but I felt like it could be a work of art! I was immediately drawn to it, and it gave me an idea for the projects we had to do!
When we arrived in Florence I was so relieved!! Everything was so calm and peaceful. The people were so much nicer and cooperative and the food felt like real Italian food. Every thing was very relaxed and the city itself was very clean and pristine, even the designs on the buildings and cathedrals.  One thing I found interesting was the Duomo. You can see it everywhere you go and they say that if you get lost as long as you can see it, you will be able to find your way. As a tourist I found that to be a really interesting tidbit. 
The Duomo
This was the ceiling of a cathedral we went in I was told to look up and that is what I saw!!
I just drew a quick sketch of the photo above
we visited some museums and galleries, but overall I had a pretty relaxed time there, it was my favorite of the three places.  We saw the Spanish steps which are a pain to walk, but they are gorgeous and I admired whatever it was they were made out of it, it had some funky pattern and textures and they were slick. We also saw the THE STATUE OF DAVID...what a sight!! It was more than two times the size of an actual human being, but all of the proportions where perfect.. it was hard to believe.
This was a quick sketch of a sculpture that was in the museum where the Statue of David was.. I guess this was his cousin?? :p
PictureThis was a sketch from something I had seen in one of the museums that we went to. It was a sculpture and it had red marble surrounding it. Really cool

FOOOOOOD!! These were some of the best meals I had the whole trip, I thought I should Share.
Cheesecake with fresh berries..YUMMMMY
Lasagna and the other was gnocchi I tasted both and they were quite delicious!!!
Can't forget the main part of the meal.. WINE... this was just a rough sketch of a wine bottle and I actually stained the paper with a little wine.. I thought it came out pretty cool, so I thought i'd share!
I was Exhausted when I got off the plane and didn't know how I was going to be able to start a whole day. When we arrived we set our stuff down and went for lunch. that was a disaster, because every place required cash only and I only brought a credit card, an American express at that. I quickly found that the American express doesn't work ANYWHERE IN ITALY. AHHHH. I quickly came up with a solution and started the day ..WALKING EVERYWHERE HOURS ON END. We walked so much the entire time that we were there that my feet and legs were swollen and really sore...BUT.. We did get to see some pretty cool stuff!!
We first saw the Coliseum which I noted: Very BIG and the area around was so old and dirty looking and the coliseum was too, but old and dirty can be magnificent and in this case it was! I noticed all of the wonderful textures and shapes cut within the arcs and "windows"
This is the Coliseum and underneath is a little sketch I did.
We also visited the Vatican in Rome and I was extremely overwhelmed at the enormous place and all of the detail put in it, the wonderful detail!!  The ceiling was so high I could barely capture the whole thing. I noticed in the churches there is a lot of gold leaf in the art.
That was me dipping my hands in the holy water at the Vatican.. check out the detail in the angel! 
Some Views of the CEILING in the Vatican!!!
We also visited the Vatican museum, which had the Sisteen Chapel in it. The museum was so crowded and huge that we tried to find the exit and ended up in the room where the  Sisteen Chapel is..haha.. Unfortunately we weren't able to take any pictures..:(!!! It was such a BEAUTY! Everytime I looked I saw something different. There were tons of paintings of different people and the detail was Emaculate!! Especially knowing that Michelangelo did this while laying on his back.. you really have to admire the talent after seeing it!!  
A sketch I did in a gallery we visited in Rome. Some of the art had cats which I think were sacred to them and they add human- like qualities to the sculptures. I added some gold metallic and tried to modernize the overall look of those type sculptures.
Another Sketch I did in a museum. This was a sculpture that was in a corner. I chose to mimic  the style by crinkling the paper and uses graphite and gold metallic to make the background.
This was just something cool I saw while walking around. I loved all of the sculptures and I thought this one was particularly unique because in had detail in the face but the rest was very minimal detail which just makes a interesting contrast.
Some GOOD FOOD! The top was Mozzarella and Pruisetta and I thought it was so wonderful! Underneath was Fresh strawberries  and melt in your mouth Fresh Whipped cream, and it definitely melted in my mouth!!
Although I saw a lot of BEAUTIFUL pieces of art aged back in history, my overall view of Rome was not good. It was crowded and chaotic with rude people and a copius amount of in-your-face Beggars that were surrounded by the famous art and also a lot of pit pockets. The streets were dirty and so were the people. I felt that it was unenjoyable to view all of the artwork surrounded by such filth and greed!
    The artist that was the most interesting and stood out to me was Helen Marten. The particular piece of art I was drawn to was a 3D pear shaped clock mounted on wooden planks. On the clock is a face drawn in either ink or paint with faces all around. The pair shaped clock is uniquely mounted onto a unordinary wooden frame.  Since the frame is part of the piece, it creates some variety, linear versus organic
shape with the pear. The two pairing together harmonize well together.  Each face on the clock appears to have a different emotion on the face, which makes me want to know why. 
    Thinking deeper with that, I thought about different body shapes. The Frame around the pear clock has 2
vertical parallel planks and 2 horizontal parallel planks, which makes me, think of scale. The pear is also used sometimes to describe a body shape. The different faces on the clock have different emotions. I came up with the conclusion that the artist was trying to convey self image.  The frame and the pair relate to scale and body shapes so they relate to each other and the different emotions expressed ties it together, making it clear that everyone is different, different moods, attitudes and body shapes so that is why
I think the artist intended to display self image in this unique way. 
     The reason I like this piece is because of its uniqueness in a sculptural aspect. I assume it is functional and is displayed in a creative way. With all of the different elements added it creates a narrative, which creates some thought to the viewer. It keeps the attention of the viewer because you want to examine every aspect, to make a conclusion about the intent.

· Marisa Merz- Her piece looks like it was done with oil pastels on maybe a brown piece
of paper. In my opinion it lacks a lot, although it has nice colors, there are
too many different kind of marks that do not unify, I think it needs a lot of

 · Walter De Maira- This piece is 3D with metal pipes arranged on the ground. In my opinion this piece is
obviously linear which can be good, but it is kind of boring I think another
element is needed. 
Varda Caivano- This piece looks like paint on a canvas but im not quite sure if that is all. In my
opinion I think it is interesting that I’m not sure of what exactly this person
use to create this piece, I also think it has a nice color scheme the red really
pops with the black and minimal blue. However the bottom of the piece and the
top of the piece don’t really relate to one another and they need to be tied in,
I think the whole piece needs to be tied together more honestly, there is a lot
going on.
·Kamikaze Loggia- this piece is 3D with steel bent into different shapes. There is a lot
of different shapes with in the steel, but there is not much to look at, I
glance at this piece and move on, it does not interest me in the least, it would
be nice to see maybe some depth in the piece bc right now im just looking at
flat bars which is not what you want in a 3D element. 
·Enrico David- This piece is im guessing yarn on a canvas. This piece has a lot of
repetitive information and the two colors used contrast really well together, I
do think that repetition is a good element to use but in my opinion it could be
used in a less dependent way.
·Henrik Olesen- This piece is a lot of words written and scratched out, also different
pieces of known objects in little pieces. This piece is bizarre I’m not sure
what to really say. This artist is obviously trying to make a statement but I’m
not sure as to what. There needs to be something evident to relate all of these
pieces and make it more clear to the viewer.

 · Sarah Lucas- This is a metallic sculptural piece. It appears to be a distorted human
figure and it is displayed in a unique way. It also has some hints of yellow
which adds some variety to the piece as a whole.

 ·James Lee Byars- This is a 3D gold bar with a couple letters encrypted in it. Although
like every piece of art, it has the elements and principle of design, it is not
very unique, nothing is making me want to keep looking at it. I think if some
texture was added or maybe a design carved into it,it would make it more
·Mark Manders- a sculptural human figure with limbs missing. This piece has a very
creative use of composition, the placement of the form and the missing of limbs
it is a bold piece. 
·Carol Rama- this is a piece with 3d and 2d elements, it has what looks like maybe a
window effect with a painting inside as if you were looking out the window to
the scene painted. In my opinion I do admire the creativity, but it is very
monotonous and could use some depth.
·John bock- A large board that you can actually go inside and see a maget in a jar.
This piece is by far the strangest thing is have ever seen. I do have to say
that it is very creative and I think it is really cool that it looks like just a
board but the fact that you can actually go inside is cool. In my opinion if you
are going to have something to go inside of I would like to see something
interesting, a maget in a jar is just not. I think there is definitely room for
this artist to go further with what’s inside.
· Hans josephsohn- clay form. This piece has some (very little) texture and a some
color variation. In my opinion honestly this piece is just a big blob, the
texture needs to be pushed further and there could be something carved into it,
or some other element tied in. 

· Danh Vo- Fabric with print draped over boards.  The composition is
interesting the way it is drapped it creates wrinkles and shadows in the fabric
to give it some depth and variation. The print itself could use a bit more

 ·James Richards- this piece appears to me as a woven design but im not sure. This piece
is interesting in that you don’t know exactly what was used.  The texture adds a lot to this piece and was executed well.

·Daniel Hesidence- im just going to guess that this piece is paint that has been
scratched in certain areas which is interesting. It has a lot of movement,
texures and colors, but it could be a bit more harmonized. 
·Greta bratescu- a sheet  that was stained an dyed with some stitching. This piece has a lot of
different things going on, a lot of variation. The colors harmonize together and
the stitching is a cool element added. 

· Harun Farocki- looks like a projection of 
2 people next to a sculpture with their hands in its mouth.  I feel as though the artist was trying to point out something with this
being displayed on the projection, but I’m not sure of the importance. 
· Simon Denny- looks
like this artist has taken photographs of machines and computers and turned them
into 2d. interesting concept but it is a little chaotic, it could use something
to maybe neutralize some of the chaos or tone it down some. 
· Lynette Yiadom- looks like a painting but could be a chalk or pastel. The perception of
space is used effectively and the tones are all muted but there is a pop of
color that accentuates the piece. 

· Jos de gruyter- film about clay made forms. This is very confusing to me I don’t
understand what is going on it the film. It needs to be more clear. It doesn’t
look like he tried to make a believeable setting and believeable character forms
which probably has a purpose, but why?
· Pamela Rosenkranz-  A blue sheet with clear bubble like forms maybe has something to do
with chemical reactions. There are shapes/forms and shadows casted in the blue
to create some variety. The bulky squares at the top are the focal point because
they contrast with the rest and it works. 
· Trisha Donnelly- looks like a plaster block that has been carved into. The carvings that
  were made in the plaster are nice but it needs something more added to it, in
  my opinion the economic approach does not work for this because the carvings
  made are not enough to leave it as is.
· Rudolf Stingel- this piece has a lot of patterned walls in a room and there is a canvas
with a painting hanging. I think that is very wise to have something very
low-key on the wall with such a busy background, it is effective. 
·    Yuksel Arslan- this piece looks like it was stained and then maybe charcoal or graphite
was used to make the little designs. I really enjoy how intricate this piece is,
there is a lot to look at and I admire the detail. 

·Christopher William- I believe this piece is a photograph. 
It has a lot of linear aspects and some repetition, but also very low
key.  The main focus is the middle with all of the lines forking out either side of the
form, it does have a lot of elements but it could use some thing to make it more

 · Katrin Sigurdardottir-  3D platform.
Very  decorative design and compostion is creative I think it is effective in
that aspect.

 ·Lawrence Weiner- text on a blue wall. This piece is very bland. The text could be used in
a more creative way, I don’t think it is bold enough to stand alone. 
· Mathias Poledna- drawn scenery behind a cartoon character on screen. I think this is
very unique. The scenery contrasted from the style of the cartoon is
aesthetically pleasing and well

I found this on instagram and I thought it was a unique way to display the St. Marks square in Venice. The artist's name is Conrado Almada. It inspired me because it wasn't just a regular painting or drawing of the city, it was much more interesting. I'm so excited only 19 more days until we leave :)!!!


    I'm Christine. I am a very proud art major and soon to be an artist with a degree!! My style is experimenting and trying to recreate things with textures and 3-d elements. Sky is the Limit with my art, you never know what your going to get!


    June 2013