The artist that was the most interesting and stood out to me was Helen Marten. The particular piece of art I was drawn to was a 3D pear shaped clock mounted on wooden planks. On the clock is a face drawn in either ink or paint with faces all around. The pair shaped clock is uniquely mounted onto a unordinary wooden frame.  Since the frame is part of the piece, it creates some variety, linear versus organic
shape with the pear. The two pairing together harmonize well together.  Each face on the clock appears to have a different emotion on the face, which makes me want to know why. 
    Thinking deeper with that, I thought about different body shapes. The Frame around the pear clock has 2
vertical parallel planks and 2 horizontal parallel planks, which makes me, think of scale. The pear is also used sometimes to describe a body shape. The different faces on the clock have different emotions. I came up with the conclusion that the artist was trying to convey self image.  The frame and the pair relate to scale and body shapes so they relate to each other and the different emotions expressed ties it together, making it clear that everyone is different, different moods, attitudes and body shapes so that is why
I think the artist intended to display self image in this unique way. 
     The reason I like this piece is because of its uniqueness in a sculptural aspect. I assume it is functional and is displayed in a creative way. With all of the different elements added it creates a narrative, which creates some thought to the viewer. It keeps the attention of the viewer because you want to examine every aspect, to make a conclusion about the intent.


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    I'm Christine. I am a very proud art major and soon to be an artist with a degree!! My style is experimenting and trying to recreate things with textures and 3-d elements. Sky is the Limit with my art, you never know what your going to get!


    June 2013