I was Exhausted when I got off the plane and didn't know how I was going to be able to start a whole day. When we arrived we set our stuff down and went for lunch. that was a disaster, because every place required cash only and I only brought a credit card, an American express at that. I quickly found that the American express doesn't work ANYWHERE IN ITALY. AHHHH. I quickly came up with a solution and started the day ..WALKING EVERYWHERE HOURS ON END. We walked so much the entire time that we were there that my feet and legs were swollen and really sore...BUT.. We did get to see some pretty cool stuff!!
We first saw the Coliseum which I noted: Very BIG and the area around was so old and dirty looking and the coliseum was too, but old and dirty can be magnificent and in this case it was! I noticed all of the wonderful textures and shapes cut within the arcs and "windows"
This is the Coliseum and underneath is a little sketch I did.
We also visited the Vatican in Rome and I was extremely overwhelmed at the enormous place and all of the detail put in it, the wonderful detail!!  The ceiling was so high I could barely capture the whole thing. I noticed in the churches there is a lot of gold leaf in the art.
That was me dipping my hands in the holy water at the Vatican.. check out the detail in the angel! 
Some Views of the CEILING in the Vatican!!!
We also visited the Vatican museum, which had the Sisteen Chapel in it. The museum was so crowded and huge that we tried to find the exit and ended up in the room where the  Sisteen Chapel is..haha.. Unfortunately we weren't able to take any pictures..:(!!! It was such a BEAUTY! Everytime I looked I saw something different. There were tons of paintings of different people and the detail was Emaculate!! Especially knowing that Michelangelo did this while laying on his back.. you really have to admire the talent after seeing it!!  
A sketch I did in a gallery we visited in Rome. Some of the art had cats which I think were sacred to them and they add human- like qualities to the sculptures. I added some gold metallic and tried to modernize the overall look of those type sculptures.
Another Sketch I did in a museum. This was a sculpture that was in a corner. I chose to mimic  the style by crinkling the paper and uses graphite and gold metallic to make the background.
This was just something cool I saw while walking around. I loved all of the sculptures and I thought this one was particularly unique because in had detail in the face but the rest was very minimal detail which just makes a interesting contrast.
Some GOOD FOOD! The top was Mozzarella and Pruisetta and I thought it was so wonderful! Underneath was Fresh strawberries  and melt in your mouth Fresh Whipped cream, and it definitely melted in my mouth!!
Although I saw a lot of BEAUTIFUL pieces of art aged back in history, my overall view of Rome was not good. It was crowded and chaotic with rude people and a copius amount of in-your-face Beggars that were surrounded by the famous art and also a lot of pit pockets. The streets were dirty and so were the people. I felt that it was unenjoyable to view all of the artwork surrounded by such filth and greed!

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    June 2013