Today was quite a day. . . actually 2 days smooshed in together!  After a great overnight flight from Charlotte to Rome, the group set out on a rigorous "stroll".  We began at the Colloseum, which was a dramatic introduction to the city. Due to major excavation projects going on at the Forum, we walked around (and up and down) for  too long before finding our way to Capitoline Hill!  Being the day's leader, I was worried that I would soon face mutiny!  While I did work the group hard today, it was worth it to see the Pantheon (always a spiritual experience for me), and Carravaggios St. Matthew series in San Luigi dei Francesi.  By the time we got to this small church, the mixture of exhaustion, gratitude (for safe arrival to Italy) and awe caused me to nearly cry.  To see the students' expressions at each of these sites was worth every bit of time spent organizing it!  Already, the trip has been a success!  Sandy, Jennings, Mary Patton, the Slagles, Wes and I had dinner together at a small restaurant off of Campo dei Fiori. We slowly shared multiple appetizers, a few liters of wine, and then sampled the restaurant's pasta and pizza.  Man, I've missed Italy!  After a stroll through Piazza Navona, and a hazelnut & strawberry gelato (Wes's first gelato ever!), we hit the sack!  The Welcome Piram Hotel was fantastic!  Tomorrow is ST. PETER'S BASILICA, THE VATICAN MUSEUM, and the GALLERIA BORGHESE.  

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    Elizabeth Snipes-Rochester

    I am an Assistant Professor of Art at Lander University in Greenwood, SC.  I have travelled to Italy many times and I'm thrilled to be taking students and friends to Rome, Florence, and Venice this July 2013.  

    As an artist, I am always inspired by my travels, whether I'm going to Italy, Estonia, Montana, or just up the road to North Carolina or the South Carolina coast.  I believe that artwork should always be self-reflective.  So expanding one's worldview also serves to expand one's ability to respond to the world (and oneself) meaningfully through the creation of fine art.

    Good things are about to happen!  I can feel it!


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