Marisa Merz at The Central Pavilion

1) Most of these works look like paint, with some mixed media thrown in there, as well as a 3D piece. 2) I’m not sure I’m digging these actually. They feel sort of disjointed and give me the feeling that there is a meaning that I am just beyond grasping, though maybe that was the intention.

Walter De Maria at The Arsenale

1) An installation, using big metal bars. I wonder if they are attached to the floor... 2) Seems interesting, though I feel it’s missing something by just looking at a picture of it. Perhaps if I was standing right there. Ooh, maybe it’s an optical illusion?

Varda Caivano at The Central Pavilion

1) Looks like paint to me, can’t say what kind though. 2) Not sure what to say on these. I like them, they are fuzzy and blurry, like waking up to a scene that hasn't come into focus yet.

“Kamikaze Loggia” at The Georgian Pavilion

1) It’s a... building! I think? Looks like there will be shows and stuff in there maybe? 2) Another one where is hard to judge based on pictures, because I imagine you have to actually be in the space to get a feel for it. I will reserve my opinion until then.

Enrico David at The Central Pavilion

1) Lots of different things! Weaved colored wool, sculpture, maybe some special drawings too. 2) I like the patterns, well the blue one at least. the red one makes me feel creepy. The other stuff i'm on the fence about though. But I do like that one with all the stuff coming out of it like a fountain.

Henrik Olesen at The Central Pavilion

1) Looks like some photocopies of things and papers, as well as a couple boxes. 2) It’s definitely saying something about sex. Perhaps about the kinds of sex you have though your life, as though it was a screenplay or something.

Sarah Lucas at The Central Pavilion

1) Looks like metal cast party balloons. 2) They all sort of pussy and icky to me. Maybe has something to do with a state of being? Fragile and drippy.. with reflections, oh joy.

James Lee Byars at The Central Pavilion

1) Gold! with engravings. 2) Simple and clean, which I really like. The letters engraved on the gold might be initials of someone important.

Mark Manders at The Dutch Pavilion

1) Clay and wood and all sorts of other things is what I’m seeing here. 2) I like and don’t like this at the same time. It like, I like how hes doing all this but not what he’s doing? I’m not sure if that makes any sense. Enjoying the clay and wood I guess, but the subject creeps me out.

Carol Rama at The Arsenale

1) Ink in all very different frames, interesting. 2) All the drawings are sexual, very so. But they all have different, ornate frames around them. Seems like sex can become presentable if you put a nice bow on it.

John Bock at The Arsenale

1) Installation, a building.. 2) So wait it’s a box with a live maggot on the inside? And such a narrow door... Squeezing through into that dark space will probably make you feel like a maggot. I feel bad for that little guy, wonder if he’ll be dead by the time we get there.

Hans Josephsohn at The Arsenale

1) Concrete statues. 2) Whoa these are cool! They look like old ruins that have been sitting out in acid rain.

Danh Vo at The Arsenale

1) Installation; cloth and wood and bricks 2) I like the feel of this one, like an old marketplace or something I wonder if he found all this stuff or crafted it himself?

James Richards at The Arsenale

1) Those eyes look like charcoal, and some pictures in there as well. 2) I like these, black and white is my favorite. I really like the extreme close up of water. Gives a whole new perspective.

Daniel Hesidence at The Arsenale

1) Looks like ink or paint maybe? 2) They’re very calming, like water. Makes me want go swimming. But yes I do like how the lights and darks are formed different for each one.

Geta Brătescu at The Central Pavilion

1) Different dyed linen? 2) It looks like all of these have the same central shape, but are all definitely different. Really liking how some are really light and some are dark. Hard to discern a meaning though.

Harun Farocki at The Arsenale

1) It’s a video! 2) Looks to be about watching people at famous landmarks around the world. I love people watching so it was very cool to see.

Simon Denny at The Arsenale

1) Installation made with household objects it seems. Is probably saying something about  consumerism or materials we use.Though with installations its hard to tell unless you're standing there.

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye at The Central Pavilion

1) Paintings! 2) Dark, dark, and more dark. I love it! the lack of light in the paintings really makes you look hard at them, and at first to probably think theres nothing there at all! There’s definatly a lot more to say about these.

Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys at The Arsenale

1) Video. 2) Dang thats scary the little bit i saw of it. Makes me feel uncomfortable. I don;t want to watch too much if it cause I can’t see the whole thing in one go though.

Pamela Rosenkranz at The Arsenale

1) Paint 2) Ok I’m not sure what that video was about but the paintings themselves I really like. The extremely subtle shifts in the blue are very elegant.

Trisha Donnelly at The Arsenale

1) Installation. 2) Looks like a shiny new piece of granite or soap in a dingy building. Not sure what else there is to say. Doesn't wow me thats for sure.

Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo Grassi

1) Installation, pictures and woven carpet perhaps? 2) Wow! this looks like it will be a fun space to be in! All the pattern and the placement of the pictures on the walls! I’m excited for this one.

Yüksel Arslan at The Arsenale

1) Mixed media maybe? 2) I’m digging this art style a lot. Everything looks old and darkened and quite fantastic! Has to be saying something about anatomy, though not sure what.

Christopher Williams at The Arsenale

1) Black and White photos, except that one. 2) Theres so many! Again with the close up of object so they become shapes, not objects is a really idea that I enjoy.

Katrín Sigurdardóttir at The Icelandic Pavilion

1) Mosaics 2) Mmmmmm tile work! I love it! This is a thing I’ve always wanted to learn how to do but couldn’t afford! It’s so clean and rustic at the same time! Amazing.

Lawrence Weiner at Palazzo Bembo

1) Graphic Typography 2) Now here’s my cup of tea! The word spacing on these are beautiful and the typeface really works as well as the nice lines as spacers and boxes for emphasis.

Mathias Poledna at The Austrian Pavilion

1)Video plus stills and sketches? 2) Oh! this looks like its going to be good. The artmanship already looks great. I wonder if they drew it all out by hand or used a computer to help them.

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