---------(Um, well... it seems I may have misplaced my Rome pictures... and part of my Florence ones too... so pictures incoming if I can find them!)------

Well there is sort of a break here. Now I'm home because the rest of the trip was god awful about internet. But I can still remember! Oh yes. So we went to the Vatican, and yes, it was AMAZING. Unfortunately our little beta group got there a few train rides after the main one so I was only able to look around the St. Peters for like 15 minutes. Defiantly a reason to go back right?! For sure. It really was a LOT bigger than I expected, and even though there were tons of people in there (TONS), I still felt singled out some how. Mmm I don't know.. rambles.
On the flip side, the square outside seemed.. less impressive. I mean it was still amazing, but a large sign on one side made it seem smaller than it should.

After that, we went to the Vatican Museum. And yes, the Sistine Chapel WAS neck-painfully amazing. The pictures really don't give it justice. There are so many more colors and details and the bigness of it really adds. I could have chilled out in there for a long time, but alas, it was the last thing I saw in there. Seemed we went the long way round, but I did see lots of other stuff like Raphael's School of Athens.

Then we took a stroll in big 'ol park (lost some people but it was fine, totally fine, I wasn't worried, no way) and headed over to the Borghese Gallery. My favorite David was there! Bernini's defiantly has a wonderful expression on his face, which I tried to sketch but it ended up looking like Lion-O from the Thunder Cats. >.<

Freetime after, and the Waldreps and I went back through the park to check out another church and the People's Square, the hi-tailed it to the Spanish Steps! Man that's a lot of steps.. gah. But defiantly worth the climb. Thought I was going to chill when I finally got back, but went for a nice dinner and a night stroll! Then I fell into bed, ready for Florence the next day.

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