Train Ride!!! Man I've always wanted to go on a train and finally I can! and what a view. The landscape of Italy is just amazing. It wasn't a long ride and we were in Florence in a right jiffy where it was... raining! Aye and the sidewalk was very slippery. But maybe that was just my shoes. 

The hotel was very nice (tiny elevator!) and square it opened out to had an amazing church on it. This place had an entire different feel than Rome, better, I think. It was smalltownish and easier to just wander. First after settling in we went to the Duomo and DANG! It was just.. amazing. What they said about being able to see the Dome from anywhere was 100% true. 

In the evening we walked around and got dinner and went to the bridge. Amazing sunset over the water there and I got some really nice pictures. The next day I went shopping at the little markets with Sandy and got new purses then went to a gallery that afternoon. Saw some great art! Then after we went to an old art shop that was incredible! Dinner that evening was the best of the whole trip. We sat down family style we were served in courses. Each better than the last. My favorite was the gnocchi. So. Good.

The last morning there Joe and the Slagles and I got up at the crack of butt to climb the dome. The rest of the group had already went and told well.. horror stories about the climb, though I didn't really find it that bad. It was an AMAZING view and I'm glad we went in the morning when it was cooler. Plus there was morning fog over part of the town and it looked so cool!

---(pictures to come! I still havent located them :( )----

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