Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
My favorite of all the exhibits was Lynette¹s with the The Encyclopedic
Palace. These paintings are very dark in value with muted, earth colors
and painterly texture. There is lots of harmony between pieces and
balance too. They are so dark that when when i first saw them on the
screen I assumed they were just black canvases. But then I was like, no
way someone got just a bunch of black canvases in this show... Only to
look close to see they were paintings of people! All in different, in
different poses and all dark skinned. How interesting. Some have little
splashes of bright color, like blue or gold, while most do not. Its the
quality of line here that makes the people so fleshed and real seeming,
even though the style is obviously painted. It got me thinking as to why
they were do dark. Maybe its a comment on dark skinned people in general.
Perhaps they¹re overlooked and not coming to the front of things.
Blending Into the background so to speak. But about what? Politics?
Workplaces? World Stage?

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    Emily Brogan

    Holy crud I'm excited for this! I'm a Graphic Arts Minor at Lander University (though you probably already knew that).


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