1) Lawrence Weiner - The Grace of a Gesture 

This is vinyl lettering installation on a blue wall. Its position is somewhat taller than a human so you are having to look up at the work. The elements have you follow the line under the text to read the message but then lead you down to your eye level. Then you catch the read of the circle around the A, cause you to focus on that letter. The phrase itself is the message but more than that it causes you to reflect onto your self. The blue wall is almost like water pushing your mind inward. To me, I do not find it effective or like it.

2) Carol Rama 

Multicolored inks on different valued parchment paper, all in different frames. The subject matter is defiantly not cool. I am taking it as sexual child abuse for sure. The elements point to a child doing these, perhaps trying to describe something that happened to them, or something they saw. All of these are in different frames like these things can happen in many different contexts or homes. It really moved me and scared the poop outta me.

3) Mark Manders - Room with Broken Sentence 

Clay and furniture sculpture with wood slabs. Focusing on the one with the full figure and the table, it’s a life size piece with a lot of room to walk around it. For me, it shows a woman pushing away from a table like she's rejecting it. But, she's being held there by wire attached to the head seat. Perhaps it signifies the Patriarchy holding her in place. All in all I really like this piece and think it does a great job getting a message across.

4) De Cordier Paintings 

Large paintings of rough seas dominated this room. They were actually very over whelming and interesting to look at. From standing far back they looked just like the sea, but up close it transformed into paint splats and brush strokes and you didn’t see the water anymore. It was a great display of that talent. I feel that the intent of the piece could be that troubled waters always have many parts that make it up. If isolated, they are easier to deal with. 

5) Antti Laitinen - Falling Trees 

Photographs of something large, Large squares cut into a forest. I really wish I could be standing in that space, I'm sure wound be much more impactful if that were the case. But the idea is something so geometric on something so organic is beautiful. The artist made something put of pure negative space. Nothing is still something. I love it and I think its very effective. 

6) Hans Josephsohn 

These were large concrete sculptures that resemble old statues that had been worn down by time. Some where tall and large while others where smaller. For me I think of how fragile humanity, or even more so society, is. How all things break down in time, even something as strong as stone can crumble under the pressure of time and forces like rain. The sculptures themselves don’t look pretty but their jarring shapes among all the art around it really made you think about when those will crumble too.

7) Danh Vo 

This installation was huge! You could walk through it and touch the old wood if you wanted too. Coupled with the cloth on the wall you could almost feel the place they came from. But the objects felt out of place, like they where torn ok somewhere and they didn’t belong. Then, looking closer you see the shadows of the objects in the cloth, like burn shadows. It went from interesting to creepy and unsettling very fast.

8) Geta Brătescu 

Smallish cloth works what have bits of metal. The colors and stitching on these are really well done. the use of line and shape move your eye around the piece nicely so you can see the layers and little lines between colors where they are sewn together. The texture change from metal to fabric is a very nice focal point in the center of the cloth, though not all of the pieces had this. 

9) Yüksel Arslan 

This artist had several small to medium sized works with ink. There are many components to these, but this one has lots of chaos about it. There is a mans face on a mountain filled with insects. Perhaps the mountain represents mankind, standing tall, but really just full if mosty creepy crawlies that are trying to dig themselves to the top. I think the art is interesting and there are lots of details so you can study it for a long time.

10) Daniel Hesidence 

These large blue paintings have some really beautiful brushwork on them. The color makes you think of clear blue waters you can swim in off a beach somewhere. But the figures in the painting look almost like they are trapped and drowning. Maybe something that seems so safe and fun can secretly be deadly is the message the artist is trying to get across. It was quite clear to me and I really like these.

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