You can find these art events randomly. and though they are no vermeer or rembrandt, they are the normal people in our normal world who create things they want to

The Everything Museum

This was an impromptu museum created by artists who were not professional but just had something to say, or show, or do. It was interactive and free, basically one would wander around in a slightly guided-by-signs way and observe the art.
            I came to find it was a more relaxed art atmosphere, not too many serious artists. One that interested me, however, was a man that grew plants. He tried to combine different plants to make them grow different ways to look more appealing.             Another person that intrigued me was a passionate girl who loved to create special coffees. She mixed different types of coffeebeans to get a certain feeling or flavor. Italy, on the whole, was about making what you loved an art. That is totally what I got out of it.




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