Biennale Gustav Jung
           saw a vision of God defacating on a cathedral and distanced himself from the church and embraced spirituality.
"The Red Book" - very spiritual works and an almost Native American trippy style. repetitions and patterns give all the pages order, but it still ambiates a natural and flowy feel.

The people who moved and made noises:
    I'm not sure what these people were doing, i think it was a family that kept changing spots, but one would sing and the other move to the music.... or the singer reacted to the movement of the dancer. It was a big question and I liked it because it was such a mind boggler.
   It was very primal, almost a universal language.
Shinro Ohtake
       awesomely creative guy! He made these many many 'streetbooks'  out of mixed media. It's all completely random but with intent. Kind of descriptiong of many di fferent psychological thought-processes.



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