1.marisa merz. childlike lines and shapes, yet mature feelings are invoked. dramatic contrast between black lines and vague mixtures of colors as well as very specifically placed white lines. I think the gestural strokes are affective and I would love to see it in person.

2.walter de maria. structured. ordered and precise. not my cup of tea.

3.varda caivano. passionate strokes. the agony is inferred by grisly half-images as if from a dream. the contrast of the black on top of color is rather harsh and lends to the macabre feel of the piece, almost like blood.

4."Kamekazi Loggia"- The simplistic bare-bones aspect of this structure, obviously not intended to be a real house, is an interesting juxtaposition to the complex details of the house. The FM radio latched to the naked beam is one example, as is the bare aluminum ceilings and untreated wood. Live performances apparently are given? or something like that? it seems to tend toward Soviet influences in some way and I admit i do not understand the concept. I think it's a good idea if they do but i dont understand why we should be interested. im happy just looking at the pictures and moving on.

5.enrico david. I really appreciate the feeling of unity in the style of this artist. the repetition of finger-like objects in different colors grasping each other allude to a syncope of tolerance and opposition with the color and balance. I think it has personal value and a very pleasant aspect, but i wouldn't buy it for my house. Although I do really enjoy the tedious media of.... beads? beans? yarn? something? woven to make the piece. Looks like a lot of thought and time. whatever it is I like the method but I think the message is droll and overdone. but peace is always good so i cant really say anything bad.

6.henrikolesen. I dont get it, i think he might be a bit mad. i also think he has something to say but doesnt know quite how exactly to say it. maybe he was traumatized and has dark tendencies????

7.sarah lucas. iiiiiiiiiiiiii love it. very sexual with the lines and shapes, and the choice of gold colored metal is rather cohesive. it seems like all the figures or insinuated figures are in this relationship of sexual and emotional stages. i really enjoy this. it invokes so much emotion.

8.james lee byars. i think it might be saying something about the frivolity of artists.... that anybody with money can be an artist. The gold with engraved initials definitely gives me that impression. its sort of a snub to rich little boys and girls who just want to be artists and actually have not work ethic or training. I like it.

9.Mark Manders:“I don’t often show my work in the public domain, rather in museums where people choose to go to see art. But since 1991 I always test a work that I’ve just finished in a supermarket. I just imagine a new work there and I check if it can survive where it doesn’t have the label of an artwork. It is just a thing that someone placed in a supermarket. Now I am sure that all of my works can stand in that environment”.

Thats is just cool. his work with organic and humanoid shapeds are inspiring and i feel that they have much artistic merit.

10.carol rama. feminist. the growths out of the woman's head in the bed suggest growth of thought, imagination, inteligence. the act of placing the woman in a bed naked leaves her undefended and helpless, as does cutting off her legs. The absence of the legs alludes to a crippling of women, akin to the foot binding of high-class women in china or the cage of a corset and ballgown. The shoes in the foreground look like ballet enpointe shoes which suggests the woman has danced enpointe until her legs fell off, which is a theme of feminism in which a woman much dance and smile to please her man until she is no longer able to do it. (not to mention the very blatant vagina.)
Basically I think this is a statement that women please men because they have to and destroy their own lives in the process but have so much more worth that is never noticed.

11.john bock. maggots. please dont make me look at it anymore. the house-thing to house a maggot with a tiny tall door....im not sure what bock is saying... maybe something about going to all that trouble for one little maggot?

12.hans josephsohn. if i had to describe it in two words: organic and fertile. very downttoearth and active. I enjoy seeing the work put in to make these and feel that the simplicity of the organics are communicated effectively.



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