Florence was awesome. the Duermo was massive and easiest way to find your way around the city. We ate at this great restaurant where you pay a flat fee and get all the wine and 5 courses of food that you want. it was expensive but soooo worth the experience.

such a pretty little city, not at all like rome. The hotels were FAR-OUT. the floors at our hotel were all themed from different modern art eras and the bathtub was A-mazing. i took a long bubble bath to ease the aches of walking EVERYWHERE.

some people went up to the top of the dome of the basilica i think its called? i wish I had gone but i chose to enjoy nice pasta (compliments of jean) and a super awesome dessert (compliments of Jill) (((They are my new best best friends heehee))).

in summation, Florence was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of Rome. It was really really nice.



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