Peter Fischli and David Weiss

      These two guys have come together to make some seriously funny and also politically opinionated figurines. They had an almost commemorative Dr. Suess figurine, and even a giant hippo! there were stereotypes and all sorts of commentary. Really interesting artists.

Enrico David
            I thought his work was interesting, i did not enjoy the visual texture, and it was rather phallic. But thats probably just an opinion. I at first thought it looked like fingers but  a friend pointed out the phallic-ness and texture and I found myself completely turned off of the works.

Tarike Haapoja

        All you do is breathe into the CO2 receptor, or blow, or do whatever, and the trees' photosyntheisis happens underneath a microscope with sound. I's really interesting, but I felt like the trees were almost screaming. It was really sad, like they missed sunshine or something.


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