13.dahn vo. very naturalistic and homey. brings the word 'native' to mind, especially with the turquoise. I feel like Dahn Vo wanted the viewer to feel at home but not at home in time, if that makes sense. very primal. I think it's okay, but would be much better in person.

14.James richards...........ummmmmm erratic. very forward with some idea i dont get. seems like someone tried to make some art with no real plan? or maybe i just didnt get it? feel free to comment. The man spewing something out of his arse i di not understand the necessity? The still of the eye is very detailed and i enjoy the almost amphibian feel to it. im not sure how that video relates but i did enjoy the half underwater half above water of the beginning od the video and the still of the eye is just beautiful.

15.daniel hesidence. interesting patterns, soothing colors..... doesnt make me want to look at it for too long.

16.geta bratescu. very feminine and womb-like. awesome balance, almost lending the mind to see a Fibonacci swirl as in nature. I especially appreciate the tangible 3D nature of the piece, as it does suggest pregnancy and the completeness of the female cycle of growth and birth.

17.harun farocki. seems to be very spiritual with a overall theme of touch and the connection that so many people can have just through the physical touch. It's like a commune with the past and a tangible way to look at religion, be it yours or anothers. Man's relationship with God or gods has been a prevalent theme throughout our existence as a species and this artist seems to explore that through true life video, connecting the viewer to the concept well. I like the concept and I also like the juxtoposition of the fallen war heroes with the religious icons. it begs a question but i'm not sure which one. Do we look at fallen soldiers as gods? should we? and is there a connect between peace and war in the way we as humans look at it? I must say... a very ponderous video if you think too hard about it. Definitely an example of man's commitment to remembrance and honor, in any case.

18. helen marten. She seems to be conveying a war between corruption and purity, maybe good and evil and the trash that ensues in the battle It's the waste and trash, both physically in the environment and mentally in people. I think the organic feel of her wood installations are highly contrasted with the metal and commercial objects casted, found, or made and are a bit sticky to figure out at first. I like this artist because she makes you think, really hard, about her intention and it could be interpreted in other ways.

19. simon denny. seems very industrial and commercial, yet has a certain flow that elevates. It's like he opened up the machines to show that the inner workings do have a certain organic feel even though the boxy figures are so metal and straight-lined. I don't prefer this style but I see it's merit.

20.lynette yiadom boakye. very dark and emotional. I'm sure its quite striking in person. The places where he does use colors and/or white are so decisive and beautiful. I really enjoy this.

21.gruyter and thys. All I can get out of this is all people are ultimately the same and change every day. This is weird video.

22.pamela rosenkranz. no beauty comes without pain, nothing worth doing is going to come easy and sometimes you have to take risks. ??????? treasure your skin?????? I dont know. I dont like these 'artistic videos'. I just dont know. maybe it's saying you can take things too far with safety? or you shouldn't worry so much about little things? I don't know. Maybe it is about fear.



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