23. Trisha Donnelly. sculpturally interesting, I enjoy the textures and lines but probably would walk right past it in a museum. The detail work she did is awesome I just dont get the purpose other than just for the sake of doing a visually-pleasing sculpture and possibly exploring textures and lines as a sculptor.

24.Rudolf Stingel. His style seems religious and medieval-esque. I think his repetition is effective and pleasant to look upon, yet the wall-to-wall repetition becomes a bit much. It's a lot of religious and medieval to take in and im sure it would be more overwhelming in person.

25. Yuksel Arslan. obviously these works are obsessed with anatomy, sex, and reproduction. Despite the  lack of.... how do you say.... passion with these pieces the linework and vehemence of the figures deny that the pieces are solely about simple fertility and anatomy. I think it's a nice balance of passion and science.

26.Christopher Williams. It is nice photography. Very natural, yet omewhat boring to myself.

27.Katrin Sigurdardon. I LOVE THIS! Alice in Wonderland meets king arthur meets form function and beauty at the same time. Very whimsical, yet stern in its use of only black and white. I'm not usually a fan of geometrics but the way that she uses them is quite inspiring. I think what I am trying to say now that I've read the commentary is that i like the 
"element of surprise."

28.Lawrence Weiner.  It appears to be the halls of a school almost, very public art. The colors are vibrant and the words are varied in styles and languages. I think its looks like cool street or subway installation art.


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