We settled down in Venice for the last week of our trip. It was at this point I realized how much traveling we were really doing. I couldn't have planned a better city in our trip to spend the most days. The city was completely surrounded by water. Water that came up to your window if you didn't have a dock or sidewalk in front. 

Thank heavens we had breakfast at our hotel every morning. The staff (I wish I could remember the hotel name) made waking up early worth it they were amazing, kind and very helpful!
After we split up and settled into our hotel rooms we were on the hunt for fine dinning (on a budget)!
Speaking of dining…here are some food pics :)

meanwhile at a bar in Rome. . .

flaky croissants and rolls with cheese, delicious orange juice, and hot tea every morning in Venice! 

Gallerie dell'Accademia

Giovanni Bellini
Vittore Corpaccio

The Guggenheim

Ellsworth Kelly 
  • Oil on Canvas
  • pure colors & forms
  • forms take on independent existence 
  • from outside world
  • simplification of nature
  • inspired by Jean Arp, Constantin Brancusi, Alexander Calder
Black Curve IV
Man Ray - Silhouette closeup

Padua day trip!

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