How depressing that it is the last full day of my Venetian adventures. I'm surely going to miss this place but hopefully I can come back one day! My main goal when I was a freshman in college was to travel to Italy and I did! It was more than I ever expected! So for our last adventure is to travel back to the Biennale this time to check out the other venue, Arensale! Just goes to show just how big the Biennale is when you have to split it up in two days. We were on a time limit so the graphic designers could meet up for Hangar Design but I managed to see just about everything in the Arensale venue. It was amazing! What a good way to check out one of the coolest museums on the last day. 

Off to Hangar Design with Professor Slagle and the other graphic designers! Hangar Design had a very modern minimalist yet sophisticated layout. I wish I had an office like it. Not to mention they were genuinely friendly and hospitable to our Lander group. They have a diverse variety of graphic design to work with like designing wine bottles, makeup cases, interior design, sketch books, and much more! I can only hope to work in a management similar to Hangar Design in the states! As a parting gift, they gave each and everyone of us a personal Hangar Design sketch book and a large design book for Professor Slagle. How impressive to say not only have I looked at historically ancient art but also a graphic design firm in Italy!


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    Erin Ferguson

    A senior at Lander University. Visual Arts major with an emphasis of Graphic Design. I'm excited to blog all my adventures that I will encounter in Italy!


    June 2013