PictureChilling in Piazza San Marco Left to Right: Emily N, Me, Lindsay, Bailey, & Caitlin (cute photo but the pigeon covered her face :( )
Took a ride on the water bus to our destination Piazza San Marco! Seriously Italy in general has the best architecture I've ever seen. There is so much detail in everything!! We even fattened up the pigeons by throwing bread crumbs at them. I managed to have one in my hand for a nano second which was an interesting feeling and then I might have hand sanitized right after. 

Feeding pigeons in Piazza San Marco
Professor Slagle is the pigeon whisperer

Back on the water bus we headed to the Biennale where I checked out majority of the Giardini venue. What a large art museum and not to mention such a variety of art media. You name it, graphite drawings, paintings, installations, interactive pieces, sculptures, videos, etc. Some of them we managed to know right off because of our warm up assignment before Italy but its such a strong impact to see it in person of course. Like some of the ones I didn't think I'd particularly cared for turned out to be much better when its right in front of you. One of my favorite things about Giardini were the housing countries filled with different themes and no two were alike. Even the restaurant was geometrically artistic with its use of shapes and vibrant (almost neon) colors. Not a bad price on the food either. I got myself prosciutto and cheese sandwich with a coke for only 7 euro.
After we left the Biennale, we wanted to find this Lido beach that the UK ladies had told us about. So Po, Emily N, Bailey, Lindsay, Ceasar, and myself navigated our way on the water bus to the correct location. It was fantastic, it's two of my most favorite things combined: the beach and Italy. What could be better than that?



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