I could hardly wait to spend six days to sightsee and explore Venice! Before we left for our train ride, we had extra time to do whatever we pleased so I went with a group to shop around one last time in Firenze. I was really going to miss Florence. It had such a pleasant atmosphere and where everything was nearby for you convenience. I wont't be able to compare Florence to anywhere else. 
Two hours later on a leisurely train ride we arrive to Venice! I was also grateful that this would be the last time we would drag our luggage to a hotel but man was it worth it to travel to Venice! But as soon as we arrived I knew Venice would be my favorite place. The first thing I see in Venice is the bustling of the water buses and the building, San Simeone Piccolo. What a sight. I had never seen anything like it. Then we headed to the nearest water bus with our luggage to take us to Ca d'oro. 
Here's a video from my perspective when I first arrive to Venice!
Once we got settled in, Lindsay, Caitlin, Oscar, and myself went to a little restaurant near our hotel. I wanted to try some seafood so I chose fried shrimp. It was so good that we had to order once more platter in fact. While we relaxing and chatting we met an elderly Texan couple who had been there for about a month and were leaving to go back to the states in the morning. They gave us much appreciated advice as well as some ladies from the UK who told us to check out a beach called Lido. When dinner was finished, we explored Venice streets with gelatos at hand watching the night gondolas paddle down water alleys. 



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    June 2013