What a surreal feeling to be actually in Rome! I was overwhelmed with all the historical sites I witnessed! It took me a while to feel like I wasn't in a dream that I'm in one of best artistically known countries filled with architectural buildings and art dating back to the great Italian masters. 

As you can see in the photo, our first stop was to see the Colosseum! Pictures online did not do it justice. It was much more grand and detailed than I thought. Definitely something I can mark off my bucket list to say I saw the Colosseum in person. Afterwards we strolled down to see the Roman Forum and Capitoline Hill which were equally as impressive.

Roman Forum
Capitole Hill
The Pantheon! I've heard Dr. Pitts lecture about it in my Eastern Art class but it was so surreal to see it live! There's so much to look at inside the Pantheon with all its incredible amount of art and detailed architecture. It was difficult to be able to see every little thing it had to offer. It still makes my mind wonder how on earth they created the oculus. I felt like I looked up for a long time just admiring it and trying to conjure up any reasonable logic how it was constructed.



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    Erin Ferguson

    A senior at Lander University. Visual Arts major with an emphasis of Graphic Design. I'm excited to blog all my adventures that I will encounter in Italy!


    June 2013