Florence is much nicer to my feet than Rome. In other words, I love the intimate setting of this place. Today I went to see the famous golden doors and the interior of the dome. The size of these buildings are unbelievable...literally breath taking! Ms. Liz recommended an amazing restaurant called "Zaza's" and I must say that my risotto and moscato made my taste buds go crazy! Bennell and I had a nice dinner. All in all today was an amazing experience and the night made it even more interesting.....wink wink
Waking up on the second day in Florence was refreshing. Going to see David was astonishing in the highest level of incredibility. The definition in his arms and the proportions of his body were, in my eyes, PERFECT! I still can not digest that someone was ever capable of creating something so beautiful.
After drooling over David, I enjoyed the Ufitzi Gallery. Some of the artists work in that gallery, I saw in my art history classes and it was almost too much for me to handle. Pictures do these pieces no justice.


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