"During Italy"

At the bottom I start to resolve your mystery
The Colloseum, my first big discovery
As I move upward I can tell
Your beauty seems to swell
          That of your ration, structure, and iridescence           
Where the definition of art starts to make scence
Headed to the top
                                                       No, I'm not completely ready to stop.

We move up t Florence! First Train ride!
" The Duomo", the Bell Tower, the Baptistry.
I enjoy the fact that every thing is so spacy and spread out here. Every thing appears to be larger in scale.
I climb the dome. man what a challenge but it was defiantly worth it, great photo ops of the city...
I climb the bell tower as well just as much of a challenge as the dome. loud bells and another great opportunity for photos. Seeing the city from both sides was amazing getting a close up of the colorful clouds, sun, and an amazing view of the city was indescribable.



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