the Gallery, the Museum, the Biennale, the HDG Group
VENICE was the best of them all the top of the top, another indescribable experience.
First "Waterbus" ride
The Biennale was way better than I expected seeing every single work Individually with my own eye and not through a photograph allowed me to think more and see areas of the art that I could not see in a photo graph. believe it or not I think I may have learned a few things from these artists just by OBSERVING their pieces. it is way better to see art work personally than through a photograph because if all is seen is the photo you may not get the full story and the meaning of the work that has been done to create that "ART". :) : )  : O !!!
HDG was fantastic! I had now idea, the amount of companies they design for. a lot of information and work!



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