• Marisa Merz
    Media/Technique: multi-media & sculpture
    Marisa Merz seems to focus her work on women. The use of direction and line in both her drawing and sculpture helps her express herself. each piece seems to describe some type of hidden emotion.

    Enrico David
    Media/Technique: wool cloth, sculpture, and drawing
    The use of pattern in the wool cloth pieces and the technique used to make them are effective. each piece seems to have a sense of unity.

    Mark Manders
    Media/Technique: sculpture, wood, photography, drawing
    Each piece of work are displayed well. The white background for each piece makes the work more appealing especially the 3 dimensional pieces.

    Carol Roma
     Media/Technique: water color
    Carol Roma seems to be expressing sexual taboo. The fact that she places each piece in a frame is  unique and helps her express this.

    Danh Vo
    Media/Technique: cloth, wood, carving
    Danh Vo is expressing religion with the stained cloth and carved wood. the stained cloth is appealing because it appears to be soft and this helps this artist to express the religion.

    Simon Denny
     Media/Technique: graphics, found objects
    The work as a whole is effective by making a 2 dimensional surfaces appear 3 dimensional with graphics. seeing the 3 dimensional figures with the 2 dimensional surfaces is different and unexpected but it works here.

    Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
    Media/Technique: painting
    Each painting expresses some emotion or situation. the dark tone of each painting helps describe them. The paintings are effective because each one has an area of emphasis with either light spots or color.

    Yuksel Arslan
    Media/Technique: mixed media
    This artist uses the human body and animals to create each composition. The use and the color of the wooded frames compliment each piece.

    Christopher Williams
    Media/Technique: Photography
    while most photographs are of some type of herb and are in black and white, one is of people and is in color. the color photos is a odd input.

    Mathias Poledna
     Media/Technique: drawing, water color, animation
    The process of this animation is interesting after seeing what it took to get the final result. Its good to see the results of this animation that seems to be time consuming.

    Katrin Sigurdardottir
    I find this work to be the most interesting. This work is formed from an 18th century Pavilion. It is now covered with a unique design that is repeated in black an white. The shadows casted upon it by both the sun and the white walls compliment the design. the geometric design helps to attract the viewers attention as well.



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