Our trip had finally came to and end and many of us wanted to go home but at the same time didnt want to leave such a marvelous place. Italy has taught me so much and I have experience so much that I will use later on in the future. Can't wait to see what trip will be next.


I got up and as I had planned before with emily and Caitlin to return to Giardini to finish the last exhibits we didn't get to see. Once we had finished, we headed to Arsenale yet again racing through it due to a long schedule. My favorite art piece at the Arsenale Bienalle was the one where there was a big square filled with water. As people stood around it, I didn't realize that there was a city rising from the water. It was a sculptured piece of the Biennale. The way the piece was presented was really unique and amazing. I had never seen anything presented like that before. After the Arsennale, a group of graphic designers, including myself, went on a little trip with the Slagles to visit a graphic design company called Hangar Design Group. Where we were welcomed with open arms. They showed us a few of their projects that they had finished and some that were still in progress like a wine commercial they has done for a company that was participating in a wine competition. The day was filled with so much excitement and new ideas, but our trip had finally came to and end and it was time to pack and sleep.


Such a wonderful at Rome. We got to explore and see so much of different types of art. From contemporary to mosaic to paint and sculpture. Many people didn't get to completely witness the amazing art that the Vatican museum had to offer including myself. But what I did get to see that some people didnt notice or didnt have enough time to see was some of the contemporary art and some amazing paintings like the Adam and Eve. It was so much to take it slowly, so I rushed through the whole thing to see the most of what my time allowed me. I got to see beautiful ceilings that were painted differently. One of the most amazing ceiling painting was the one of Adam and God. We weren't allowed to take pictures of it or anything in the Sistine chapel but hey we traveled this far to witness it. So why not take a memorable picture without the guards knowing? Well I did it anyways cuz I'm such a rebel :D. Another of my all time favorite ceiling paintings was the one located in the front left corner room of the Borghese Gallery. People were painted to look so real as If they were looking at us. What I loved about it was that it made me feel like I was part of the design because they would be sitting on the edge looking down at us and pointing at each other but mostly looking down at us. Such an amazing painting. So far it has been 2 since we have been in Italy and I've learned and seen so much. I just can't wait to be at the Biennale and hopefully go off to an agency to witness great work from graphic designers with the Slagles :D. So excited to witness so much breathtaking art.


If you're not in room 214, then you're not doing it right lol

Sketch of the altarolo conrilievi di storie della vita di Gesù.

After going around Rome and taking in so much. I have found my favorite piece of art. It was hard to make the decision with so much wonderful art I saw today, like the statue of hades with Aphrodite and his 3 headed dog. It was so life like because of how the the sculpture was molded where hades was grabbing her leg and it actually was made to look remarkably real. Also to the comparison of Raphael work and berninis. Seeing them in picture are great, but when you are present right in front of them. I just don't know what to say. It's so overwhelming. To the point, my favorite was the altarolo conrilievi di storie della vita du Gesù made by Matthias Wallbaum. He was breathe taking how he could sculpt this wonderful price with so much detail with so little room. This piece is filled Angels, gladiators, priest, popes, saints, dragons, and to finish it off at the top is Jesus crucified. Such an astonishing asymmetrical piece. If you have not seen it. Look it up, I promise it's worth it.